1911 Heroes of History T68 (American Cigarettes)

The 1911 Heroes of History set was released by American Cigarettes along with the 1911 Men of History set. Some people consider them the same set, while others consider them two separate sets. They are both designated T68. These non-sports cards were used as a marketing tool by American Cigarettes.

About the Cards

The front of each 1911 Heroes of History trading card featured a hero. The image was full color artwork. The title listed the hero’s name. The image is surrounded by a white border.

The back of each card also has the name of  the hero at the top with the majority of the card devoted to a short biography of that hero. The bottom of the card had the set’s title, “Heroes of History”. You would also find the advertisement and copyright information at the bottom of the back.

There are a total of 50 cards in this series (and another 50 in Men of History).


Ungraded 1911 Heroes of History cards will typically run between $5 and $10. A complete set will probably run you about $300-375.

The graded copies seem to have volatile prices. Most cards sold are a PSA 3 or 4. I have seen PSA 4s go for anywhere from $10 to $75 with nothing really setting them apart. It all comes down to how bad you want a card.

There have been a rare few cards that have a blank back. These are going to be worth a lot more. Because of the rarity, the sky’s the limit.

1911 Heroes of History Checklist

Cards in the 1911 Heroes of History set were not numbered. Here is your alphabetical listing:

Abraham Lincoln
Admiral Farragut
Benjamin Franklin
Betsey Ross
Capt. John Ericsson
Capt. Smith
Christopher Columbus
Count de Lesseps
Count Leo Tolstoi
Count Von Moltke
Daniel Boone
Daniel O’Connell
Daniel Webster
Duke of Wellington
Eli Whitney
Ethan Allen
Ferdinand de Soto
Gen. Israel Putnam
Gen. Phil Sheridan
Gen. Robt. E. Lee
Gen. U.S. Grant
Gen. WM. T. Sherman
Gen.John C. Fremont
George Stephenson
George Washington
Henry Hudson
James Watt
Joan of Arc
LI Hung Chang
Molly Pitcher
Napoleon Bonaparte
Nathan Hale
Oliver Hazard Perry
Patrick Henry
Paul Jones
Paul Revere
Peter Cooper
Robert Fulton
Samuel F.B. Morse
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sitting Bull
W.H. Harrison
William Penn
WM. E. Gladstone
Zebulon Pike

Key Cards

Here are the key cards to the 1911 Heroes of History set:

Abraham Lincoln
Christopher Colombus
George Washington
Peter Cooper – Blank Back

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