1914 Buffalo Nickel Value

The 1914 Buffalo Nickel value varies in price as high as $75,000.00. This is due to a little mistake made in Philadelphia, which you’ll learn more about in a minute. So let’s take a look at the variations and mint marks before we jump into the actual prices and PCGS grades.

In 1914, there were four coins issued:

  • 1914 – Made in Philadelphia.
  • 1914/3 – The Philadelphia error.
  • 1914-D – Made in Delaware.
  • 1914-S – Made in San Francisco

What Happened in Philly?

As I noted above, there was an error made in Philadelphia for the 1914 Buffalo Nickel. So what happened? Glad you asked. Let me share.

The short version of the story is this. Philly produced a ton of coins for 1914 with the 1913 date. They realized their mistake before the coins went into circulation and “fixed” them. When I say “fixed”, what I mean to say is that they basically replaced the date. However, the die that was used to cover it up was slightly different, which was discovered in 1996. These are very rare, and not all dies actually qualify with PCGS. In fact, at the time of writing this, they only consider one die for the 1913/4 overdate.

So if you have an ungraded 1914 Buffalo, you might want to check it out and see if the die is slightly different where the date is. If so, I’d definitely recommend getting it checked out. You could be sitting on quite a valuable coin.

The 1914 Buffalo Nickel Value

Let’s take a look at the values of the 1914 Buffalo Nickel.

More About the Buffalo Nickel


Happy collecting!

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