1917 Buffalo Nickel Values

This coin ranges in price to as high as $12,500. There wasn’t anything special or out of the norm with this particular year of the Buffalo Nickel.

Mint Marks

In 1917, this coin was minted from three places:

  • 1917 – This coin was minted in Philadelphia
  • 1917-D – The coins minted “D” are from Delaware
  • 1917-S – The coins minted “S” are from San Francisco

1917 Buffalo Nickel Value

You won’t find any crazy prices with this coin due to the fact that there was plenty of inventory and nothing out of the norm, with one minor exception. You might be able to get your hands on a MS68 graded coin. The 1917 Buffalo Nickel value guide below will give you an indication of their values if they are professionally graded by PCGS.

Based on condition, the value of the coin ranges from $8 to as high as $30k.

My Recommendations

Unless you’re looking to complete a collection or are looking for a really high grade coin, you might pass on this particular year. With that said, let’s take a look at what I might recommend, depending on your price range:

Low Budget

If you can afford it, you can get a 1917 PCGS graded coin for around $50. If not, you can find a lower quality coin for under ten dollars (less if you don’t have a graded coin).

For the Regular Collector

If you’re looking to add to your collection and quality is important, but want to maintain a budget no higher than a couple thousand, go for the MS64 1917-S.

High End Collectors

If you’re looking for the best coins, there aren’t a ton of Buffalo Nickels that have been rated as high as MS68. You might be able to land one for about $30k. It’s rare, so it may be more. But this would be a great coin to have!

Is This a Buy?

So what do you think? Is this a coin that you’d like to own? If so, get out there and start looking. If you’re looking for that MS68 coin, use a little patience, because it may take a while to find. But persistence brings those sweet little gems. I hope this 1917 Buffalo Nickel Value guide has been helpful.

Also feel free to do a little more research. Take a look at the 1916 or 1918 Buffalo Nickel.

Happy collecting!

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