1924 Leaders of Men (Ogden’s)

1924 Leaders of Men trading cards were released by Ogden’s Ltd. This was a 50 card set the featured historical leaders throughout time.

When you finish reading this article, you’ll have a good understanding of what these non-sport trading cards look like, what their values are, you’ll know the key cards in the set. I even have a checklist for you and will give you some actionable steps if you decide you like the 1924 Leaders of Men set.

About the Cards

On the front of the card, you’ll find image artwork of the portrayed leader. The card is surrounded by a white border. At the top, it says, “Ogden’s Cigarettes” and at the bottom it states the name of the leader shown on the card.

On the back of the card, the number is found top-center. Right underneath, it shows the set title, “Leaders of Men”. Right underneath that, it reads, “A series of 50”. These three pieces are pulled together in a designed logo. Underneath that, you’ll find the title of the card (the leader on the front of the card) with years alive. The majority back of the 1924 Leaders of Men cards will share a brief bio on the leader. At the very bottom, you’ll find the that it says “Issued by Ogden’s”.

Card Values

You can typically pick up ungraded 1924 Leaders of Men trading cards for around $1-3 each. You’ll typically pay about $70-100 for a complete ungraded set.

PSA or professionaly graded cards will bring in a bit more, but not too much. Grades don’t seem to matter as  much with this set unless it’s sought after leader, such as Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Typically, anything up to about PSA 7 or 8 will run around $10. Some of the key cards will run upwards of $35-50, especially in a higher grade quality.

Key Cards

Here is a list of key cards from the 1924 Ogden’s Leaders of Men set:

1 Alexander the Great
3 Atilla
20 Charles Goerge Gordon
29 David Livingston
50 William I

Interestingly enough, the two easiest cards to find (Abraham Lincoln and George Washington) seem to pull a premium. This is obviously due to the popularity of the card and not the supply.

1924 Leaders of Men Checklist

Here is a checklist of the 1924 Leaders of Men set:

1 Alexander The Great
2 Alfred The Great
3 Attila
4 Francis Bacon
5 Robert Blake
6 Sebastian Cabot
7 Charlemagne
8 Christopher Columbus
9 Confucius
10 Constantine the Great
11 Captain Cook
12 Hernando Cortes
13 Oliver Cromwell
14 Dante Alighieri
15 Charles Darwin
16 Sir Francis Drake
17 Thomas Alva Edison
18 Galileo Galilei
19 Giribaldi
20 Charles George Gordon
21 Gustavus II
22 John Hampden
23 Hannibal
24 Homer
25 Joan of Arc
26 Julius Caesar
27 John Knox
28 Abraham Lincoln
29 David Livingstone
30 Mahomet
31 Duke Marlborough
32 John Milton
33 Napoleon I
34 Lord Nelson
35 Sir Isaac Newton
36 William Penn
37 Pericles
38 Peter the Great
39 William Pitt
40 Plato
41 Plutarch
42 Walter Ralieigh
43 Cardinal Richelieu
44 William Shakespeare
45 Socrates
46 George Washington
47 James Watt
48 Duke Wellington
49 John Wesley
50 William I


If you’re collecting for fun, you can pick up the set for under $100. If you’re looking from an investment perspective, be careful. Focus on the key cards and avoid getting Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. I feel the prices are over-inflated. Card 1 and 50 are your best bet.

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