1934 Buffalo Nickel Value

You’ll find that the 1934 buffalo nickel value goes as high as $4,950.00. The price varies based on both the mint and the grade. The Delaware coins have a higher value than the Philadelphia coin does.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any exciting stories for me to share about this particular year of the buffalo nickel. Sorry. :-(

There were two coins issued in 1914. San Francisco didn’t issue any coins this year.

  • 1934 – Made in Philly.
  • 1934-D – Made in Delaware.

Alright, So Let’s Get to 1934 Buffalo Nickel Value, Shall We?

The chart below shows you the value of the 1934 buffalo nickel based on mint and grade. This coin offers a nice opportunity for a novice coin collector to add a buffalo nickel to their collection, by considering a low grade Philly coin. At the same time, the long term collector can still enjoy finding a high grade 1934-D buffalo nickel and adding it to their collection.

The nice thing about this coin is that a new collector without a lot of money can get a low grade coin for next to nothing, while the avid collector can get themselves a high quality buffalo nickel.

So let’s take a look at the 1934 Buffalo Nickel values, shall we?

Recommended 1934 Buffalo Coins

If you are a serious collector, always buy the best you can afford. If you can’t get that perfect coin, I would recommend the following. I personal prefer the PCGS graded coins over other professional grading services. This is why you’ll always find me recommending PCGS graded coins.

  • 1934 PCGS Graded 66
  • 1934 PCGS Graded 67
  • 1934-D PCGS Graded 65
  • 1934-D PCGS Graded 66

Don’t really have a lot of money to spend but would like to have a1934 Buffalo? No problem, you might find the 1934 PCGS Graded 60 a nice choice that still has a decent condition, but also can be found for less than $50.

Not interested in this year? Maybe you’ll find the 1921 or 1937 buffalo nickel more interesting.

Happy Collecting!

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