1935 Mickey Mouse Trading Cards (Gum Inc)

As many of you know, my family is huge with Disney, so you can probably guess that I have 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards as part of my personal collection. These really are a gem from the 1930s and if you have any interest at all in Disney trading cards, you should consider getting your hands on some of these cards.

Just be careful with the prices with 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards. The market has a pretty fluid trading value for these cards, but you may find some “Buy it Now” prices on eBay that are overpriced. Just make sure to do your research before buying them. Don’t go spending hundreds of dollars higher than the market calls for.

1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards were actually broken up into two sets but are often considered the same set. There are a total of 120 cards between the two sets.

  • 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards (R89 set of 96 cards)
  • 1935 Mickey Mouse with the Stars (R90 set of 24 Cards)

We’re going to talk about each one. Let’s star with the R89 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards, and then we’ll jump into the R90 set.

1935 Mickey Mouse Trading Cards Set (R89)

The 1935 R89 Mickey Mouse trading cards consisted of a total of 96 cards. Each card featured a comic of Mickey and his friends on the front. The card number was prominently displayed at the top of the card.

The back of the card featured trivia, jokes, and advertisements.

Here is a breakdown of the name and card number for each in the set.

1 Let’s Make hoop-ee!
2 It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!
3 Fleas, Go ‘Way and Let me Sleep!
4 Watch! It’s a Snap
5 Looks Funny When She Knits, Doesn’t She? Suppose She’s a Knit-Wit?
6 Let it Bee, Pluto! Let it Bee!!
7 Bad Stew Mickey! Stew Bad Minnie!
8 Just Ironing Out Some of Mickey’s Difficulties!
9 Uncle Walt Told Me Take a Walk and I’m Doing It!
10 That Horse-Shoe is Certainly a Ringer for Mickey!
11 Likes That Target, Doesn’t He! Mickey’s Just Stuck on that Target!
12 What Are They Reading? It’s All Foreign to Me!
13 Am I Lucky! Look! A Four-Leaf Clover!
14 Mickey is Sure Making a Name for Himself!
15 A Letter on a Fan? Certainly! Mickey Loves to Get Fan Mail!
16 Look! He’s All Wrapped Up in His Work!
17 Look! Free Wheeling!
18 That’s a Lot of Oil, Mickey! Take It! You’ll Feel Better!
19 The Line is Busy!
20 A Boy Scout? Sure I do a Good Turn Daily!
21 He’s Sure a Handy Man Around the Mouse!
22 My! What Pig Eyes You Have
23 That’s an Awful Blow to Me, Mickey!
24 You Sure Turned the Tables on Me that Time, Pluto!
25 You Hit the Nail Right on the Head Mickey!
26 Just Pup-Posing!
27 That Camel Walks a Mile for Mickey!
28 I Blow Such Nice Sounds Into It! But Such Awful Sounds Come Out
29 Here’s a Dandelion I Pulled for You!
30 You Sound Like a Pig Mickey!
31 Feeling Dippy, Mickey? Let’s Go in for a Dip!
32 Can Mickey Play? No, But He Can Carry a Tune!
33 Do You Belong to Any Mickey Mouse Clubs?
34 Pluto Smells a Trap!
35 You Can’t Make a Monkey Out of Me!
36 Whoooo You. Ooo
37 Soda Pup?
38 Look! Mickey’s in a Row with Minnie!
39 Are You the Engineer? No, This is the Engine ‘ere!
40 That Face Sure Looks Familiar to Me!
41 I’ll Give You a Licking for this Kitty! I’m Taking My Licking Now!
42 Oh! So You’re Egging Me On!
43 Dynamite Explodes! Pluto Might Too!
44 Food Comes Pretty High Nowadays! That’s Over My Head Minnie!
45 You’re a Great Shot Mickey! You Hold Your End Up Too, Pluto!
46 Please Help the Poor! Poor Little Skunk! He Hasn’t a Scent
47 Bee Gone!
48 Service A La Carte!
49 Crazy Trip Isn’t it? Of Course! It’s a Buggy Ride
50 Here Comes Minnie! Beat It, Mickey! Drum for Your Life!
51 The Little Pig Went to Marl It
52 Playing Kitten on the Keys? just Kiddin on the Keys
53 This is the End of Me!
54 Lo Mickey. High Minnie.
55 Look, He’s All Keyed Up
56 Pluto Has Left, What Do You Say to That? Dog-Gone
57 They Got Toot-Aches
58 Look Mickey Foots the Bill
59 You’re the Underdog Pluto. Sure But You Get Over Mickey
60 Look They’re Coming to Blows
61 Dishes the Life
62 like it Pluto? Yeh, But Don’t Rub Me the Wrong Way
63 The Mail Must Go Through
64 I’m SO Hungry I Could Eat Like a Horse. Quick, Bringer Her a Bucket
65 Guess I’ll Knuckle Down to Work
66 Sure There’s Fish in Here
67 Is Minnie Taking a Screen Test? No, She’s Taking a Scream Test!
68 He’s Sure the Cat’s Me-ouse!
69 Who Did This? I cannot Tell a Lie I Did it with My Little Hatch-It!
70 Mickey’s Getting Something Hot off His Chest!
71 Is That a Nickel? No! That’s a Mickel!
72 Mickey, the Bear-Back Rider
73 I’m Alive with Fleas. Don’t Worry! Where There’s Life There’s Soap
74 Striking Fellow, Isn’t He?
75 Ah! Something’s Stirring!
76 He’s Playing Them for Minnie! Certainly! They’re Love Notes!
77 You Can’t Make It, Mickey! That Ice is Cracked
78 How Do You Do It? What Do You Use? Look It’s a Pipe!
79 Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Woof!
80 Good Day, Juliet, Good Knight Romeo!
81 Isn’t He a Nice Skater? You Mean an Ice Skater!
82 Let Me Run for the Doctor. Don’t Make It a Quack Doctor, Minnie!
83 I Churn Some Butter Every Day. Don’t You Think I’m a Good Scout?
84 We’re the Fife and Brum Corps
85 I Saw that Wood Yesterday. I Saw That Wood Now!
86 Getting Purse-nal Horace?
87 That Cat’s Going to the Dog’s!
88 That’s No Man! You’re Right! That’s Snow-Man!
89 The Bought that Fife at the Store for Ten Cents. Ah!
90 Sweet Cards
91 Birds in the Spring!
92 People Like Uncle Walt, Don’t They, Mickey?
93 Is That What You Do When You Get Angry? Sure I stamp My Foot!
94 Get Up! It’s Dawn. Ah! Dawn on the Farm
95 Do You Get Paid for Doing That? Sure! I’m Drawing ‘My Salary’ Now!
96 Look! Uncle Tom’s Crabbin

R90 Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars Card Set

Shortly after, Gum, Inc released a continuation of the set that was numbered from 97 to 120. The R90 Mickey Mouse trading cards with the Movie Stars set featured caricatures of famous movie stars of the time in the world of Mickey Mouse. The number was displayed on these cards at the bottom.

The back of the cards featured a description, trivia, and the card number at the bottom.

You’ll notice that this 24 card set picks up from the R89 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards set, starting with number 97.

97 S-o-o! You’re a Wynndow Cleaner!
98 It’s an Honor to Have You Play in My Spectacle!
99 Lo Mickey Marx! Hi, Groucho Mouse!
100 How Do You Manage to Draw So Well, Mickey?
101 Am I Right on the Left Page, Mickey? Of Course But…
102 You Sure Mad an Impression on Me
103 Life is Just a Bowl of Chariots
104 The Little Seizer
105 That’s the Biggest Opening  I’ve Ever Seen in Hollywood
106 My Best Picture Will be Silent, Mickey… So- You Won’t Talk eh!
107 I Can’t Get Mickey off My Mind
108 Blondells Prefer Gentlemen
109 I’m Getting Off Something Big
110 Lip and Let Lip
111 A Dime for This? Yes, Ten Cents a Trance
112 O.K. Mickey More Powell to You
113 So You’re Leaving Me Flat? Yes, I’m Leaving You Flat!
114 Doug Gone! He’s Off Again
115 You Can Be Had!
116 So You’re Putting on the High Hat, Eh? That’s Over My Head
117 Look Out I’m Going to Strike You! Ah! At Last I’ve Met My Match!
118 Le’slee How Shall We Take This? Howard This Pose Do, Mickey?
119 Swords Mad, Eh?
120 Mickey – Handy for a Laugh

Key Cards

Here are the key 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards to look for. These are either harder to find, have a lower population, or are rare in higher grades.

1 Let’s Make Hoopee
3 Fleas, Go’Way…
11 Likes That Target..
13 Am I Lucky! Look!!
15 A Letter on A Fan?
17 Look! Free…
18 Take It! You’LL…
19 The Line Is Busy!
22 MY! What Pig Eyes..
96 Look! Uncle Tom’s Crabbin
97 S-o-o! You’re a Wynndow Cleaner!
101 Am I Right on the
104 The Little Seizer
107 I Can’t Get Mickey
110 Lip and Let Lip
114 Doug Gone! He’s Off/Doug-Gone He’S…..
115 You Can Be Had!
118 Le’Slee How Shall
120 Mickey – Handy for a Laugh

Values and Population

Please use the following resources to learn more about the values and population of the 1935 Mickey Mouse cards:

What Next?

So what do you think about 1935 Mickey Mouse trading cards? I’d love to hear about some of your collections out there. Also, if anyone has the complete set, I’d love to feature you in an article here at Collectible Resource.

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Happy collecting!

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