1936 Jolly Roger Pirates (Pac-Kups) F375

1936 Jolly Roger Pirates trading cards were made by Pac-Kups as a marketing strategy for Dixie Cups. Let’s discover this 48 card set and learn about the cards, see values, explore the checklist, and more.

Card Details

The American Card Catalog reference number for the 1936 Jolly Roger Pirates set is F375. There are 48 cards in this set. Each card measures 2-3-16” x 3-1/8”.

The front of each card features an artistic ship or a scene of the seas. The card includes a white border. At the bottom of each picture is the card’s title in a light yellow box.

The back of each card features the title at the top and description underneath. The bottom includes the copyright information.

Value of 1936 Jolly Roger Pirates Cards

1936 Jolly Roger Pirates trading cards aren’t terribly expensive. You’ll probably drop $2-4 per card if you’re collecting them ungraded. You can probably get a set for about $100.

Professionally graded examples will go for a bit more:

  • PSA 7 NM: $7-10
  • PSA 8 NM-MT: $12-15
  • PSA 9 Mint: $20-25
  • PSA 10 Gem Mint: $30-40

This is a nice non-sports set to start with if you’re just starting your collection. It doesn’t cost too much, and it’s traded fairly often.

1936 Jolly Roger Pirates Checklist

1936 Jolly Roger Pirates trading cards were not numbered. Below is a list of the 48 cards in this set.

  • A Bilander
  • A Brig
  • A Brigantine
  • A Broadside Cannon
  • A Chase At Sea A Man-O-War
  • A Secret Map
  • A Ship’s Stern
  • A Sloop
  • A Topsail Schooner
  • A Treasure Map
  • About To Die
  • Attack On A Town
  • Blackbeard’s Capture
  • Boarding The Prize
  • Buried Treasure
  • Burning The Ship
  • Capt. Thomas Pound
  • Capt. William Kidd
  • Captain John Quelch
  • Careening The Ship
  • Chained In The Hold
  • Combat At Sea
  • Dividing The Spoils
  • Duel On The Beach
  • Duel On The Gun Deck
  • Edward (Blackbeard) Teach
  • Edward Low
  • Extorting Tribute
  • Fight On The Quarter Deck
  • Francis Ashton Huxley
  • George Lowther
  • John Phillips
  • Left To Burn
  • Map Of The Spanish Main
  • Marooned
  • Pierre Le Grand
  • Pirate Gold
  • Ransacking A Town
  • Samuel Bellamy
  • Set Adrift
  • Signing The Articles
  • Sir Henry Morgan
  • Storm At Sea
  • The Happy Delivery
  • Treasure Cave
  • Unloading Treasure
  • Walking The Plank

Key Cards

Here are the key cards from the 1936 Jolly Roger Pirates set, due to the limited population. If you’re a collector looking to track down the best of the best, then these are the cards that you’ll want from this set.

  • A Man-O-War
  • Captain John Quelch
  • Samuel Bellamy
  • Signing the Articles
  • The “Happy Delivery”

What Now?

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Looking to buy these cards? eBay is a good place to start. If you are looking to unload, consider selling your 1936 Jolly Roger Pirates to me.

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