1959 Indian Trading Cards (Fleer)

1959 Indian Trading Cards were released by Fleer. In this article, we will focus on the Indian cards, what they look like, values, checklists, and more.

Card Details

There are 80 total 1959 Indian Trading Cards.

The front of a 1959 Indian Trading Card features detailed cartoon-like  images of Native Americans. There is a white border that surrounds the card. At the bottom, you’ll find the card’s title. Additionally, you’ll find an icon on each card that lets you know what environment they lived in.

The back of each card will show the title in the top which reads “Indian Trading Card”. This appears in red and blue. The card has a red and blue Indian-print border. The top right-hand corner includes the card’s number and encourages people to collect the entire set. On the right side, there is a box that shows Indian picture writing with a translation. The back’s main section features a description of the card. At the botttom, it is signed by a fictional character named Chief Halftown. Underneath that, it also lets you know how many other cards there are that are related to the logo on the front of the card. For example, if the card had the “plains” logo on the front of the card, the back would read, “One of a series of 19 cards of plains Indians.”

Value of 1959 Indian Trading Cards

Although highly collected, 1959 Indian Trading Cards aren’t very expensive. It’s a nice set to get yourself introduced to the world of non-sports collectible cards, without breaking the bank.

You can get your hands on an ungraded set for about $75-85. If you’re looking at just individual cards, you’ll end up spending about a buck per card (maybe a little more).

  • PSA 7 (NM): $3-9
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $6-12
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $10-15
  • PSA 10 (Gem Mint): $20-350

The reason you’re seeing such a wide variance in the Gem Mint price is due to the population of specific cards in Gem Mint condition. For example, if there’s only one available in the world, you’re going to pay for it. If there are plenty out there, you can get them as low as $20.

1959 Indian Trading Cards Checklist

Below, take a look at a numbered checklist of 1959 Indian Trading Cards.

1 Sitting Bull
2 Indian Scout Riding Trail
3 Indian Boy With Dog Travois
4 Buffalo Dancer
5 Indian Women And Stove
6 Plains Indians’ Teepees
7 Indian Launching Bullboat
8 Indian Mother Preparing Pecciman
9 Indian Musician With Turtle Rattle
10 Rabbit Skin Leggings
11 Indians Speaking Sign Language
12 Dancing Sioux
13 Sacajawea
14 Chief Washakie
15 Medicine Man
16 Hunting A Buffalo
17 Chief Joseph
18 Assiniboin Warrior
19 Buffalo Horn Head Dress
20 Wampum Belt
21 Seminole Chickee
22 Indian Girl Doing The Dishes
23 Indian Making A Fire
24 Seneca Carving Mask From Living Tree
25 Indian Making A Birchbark Canoe
26 Indian Woman Grinding Maize
27 Indians Playing Lacrosse
28 Indian In Winter Dress And Snowshoes
29 Indian Woman Preparing Deerskin
30 Indian Longhouse
31 Young Brave Coming Back From Hunting Trip
32 Indian Mother With Papoose Board
33 A Seminole Dugout Canoe
34 Iriquois Warrior
35 Seminole Hunting Alligator
36 Osceola
37 Seminole Man In Costume
38 Making A Dugout Canoe
39 Indian Smoking Carved Pipe
40 Chief Halftown
41 Smoke Signals
42 Spear Fishing For Salmon
43 Carving A Totem Pole
44 Northwest Indian Rain Hat
45 Indian Dancer
46 Girl With Raven Head Spoon
47 Warrior In Slatted Armor
48 Sea-Going Canoe
49 Northwest Indian Splitting Logs
50 Geronimo
51 Apache Masked Dancer
52 Mudhead Doll
53 Navaho Sandpainter
54 Hopi Snake Dancer
55 Navaho Warrior
56 Pueblo Village
57 Butterfly Dancer
58 Hoop Dancer
59 Cochise
60 Indian Farmer Digging Irrigation Ditch
61 Navaho Rug Weaver
62 Apache Horseman
63 Navaho Hogan
64 Zuni Pottery Drum
65 Indian Dressed For The Toloache Ceremony
66 California Indian Woman With Burden Basket
67 Launching A Balsa Raft
68 Making Acorn Bread
69 California Indian Woman Gathering Berries
70 Eskimo On A Seal Hunt
71 Eskimo Comedy Mask
72 Eskimo In Kayak
73 Eskimo Wrestling
74 Eskimo Women Mending Boats
75 Eskimo With Wounded Polar Bear
76 Eskimo With Snow Goggles
77 Eskimo Woman Fishing
78 Eskimo Returning To His Igloo
79 Eskimo Repairing Arrows
80 Eskimo Dog Sled

Key Cards

Here are the key 1959 Indian Trading Cards. Remember, these will typically pull premium prices:

1 Sitting Bull
2 Indian Scout
19 Buffalo Horn Head Dress (Tepee Inset-Left)
19 Buffalo Horn Head Dress (Tepee Inset-Right)
29 Indian Woman Preparing Deerskin
70 Eskimo on A Seal Hunt (Igloo Inset-Left)
70 Eskimo on A Seal Hunt (Igloo Inset-Right)
80 Eskimo Dog Sled

What Now?

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If you have 1959 Indian Trading Cards that you’re looking to unload, you can sell them to me.

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