1959 Three Stooges Trading Cards (Fleer)

The 1959 Three Stooges trading cards make up one of the most popular non-sports sets in history. Learn about the history, cards, values, checklist, and more. There were several Three Stooges card sets through the years, but this is the big one.

Comedic Entertainment

Movie buffs will argue which decade should be considered the golden age of the movies. When it comes to comedy, there is little argument that we have to head back to the early days of film to find the greatest comedic moments. After all, that was when the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, and The 3 Stooges were the kings of comedy. The work they did back then is still so beloved today. That should tell you the impact that their comedic talents had on what followed.

The 3 Stooges in particular have stood the test of time very well, with the slapstick brand of comedy passed down from generation to generation.

It is usually men and boys who love the Stooges, perhaps because of the violent nature of their acts. Eye poking, hair pulling, and hammering each other with fists like hammers are just a few of the signature moves that have delighted audiences for year.

About the 1959 Three Stooges Trading Cards

They were so popular back in the 50’s, that Fleer released the 1959 Three Stooges trading cards. Today, this set has become one of the most sought after sets in history.

1959 Three Stooges trading cards were aimed squarely at kids back then, but have become the apple of the eye of adult collectors nowadays. Each card pack came with 6 cards inside, as well as a stick of gum to deliver even more appeal to kids. At just 5 cents, the packs were not a huge investment, but their current value is very high indeed. The reason why the cards are so highly valued, other than the ongoing love for the 3 Stooges, is because of how difficult they are to find in mint condition.

The first and last cards in each pack were essentially ruined from day one. The wax seal used to close the pack always made a mess of the top card, while the gum did damage to the card on the bottom. As such, you essentially only had 4 good cards in the pack, with many kids choosing to toss out the two less than perfect cards. It was easy to understand why the 1959 Three Stooges trading cards were loved back then, as each one had a little scene from one of the Stooges movies on front, complete with a caption describing the scene. The back of the cards featured bios, trivia, and cool little nuggets of information about the Stooges.

The pasteboard used on the card came in three different shades: white, gray, and cream. The white is the most sought after because of how clean it looks, while the gray is the most difficult to find. As far as the most popular card in the set, not to mention the hardest to find, it is the Curly single that most collectors consider to be the Holy Grail. Given the condition of the cards and how hard they are to find, the 3 Stooges set is one that is very high on the must have list of card collectors.

Value of 1959 Three Stooges Trading Cards

Non graded examples will range in price from about $10-30, depending on the condition, and back (grey, white, or cream). The exception to this would be the Moe, Larry, or Curly cards, which will be more like $100-250. Also, the checklists and last card of the set pull in a similar price as well.

Higher or professionally graded cards will pull a premium.

Common Cards

Here is the book value on common 1959 Three Stooges trading cards. Keep in mind that cards are really worth what people are willing to pay. Because higher specimens of these cards are tough to come by, expect to pay a premium over the book value.

  • PSA 7 (NM): $40
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $90
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $200

1959 Three Stooges Checklists

There are actually three checklists in the 1959 Three Stooges trading cards set (#16, 63, 64). They are worth a lot because most of them are marked up. Having one in a high grade without marks can be quite valuable:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $425
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $2600
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $8500

1959 Three Stooges #96 – Trying the Squeeze Play

This card is the last in the set and is difficult to find in high grade condition. As a result, the card is worth more than your common cards from the set.

  • PSA 7 (NM): $75
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $275
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $2000

1959 Three Stooges #3 – Larry

Let’s take a look at the value of this card:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $200
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $650
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $5250

1959 Three Stooges #2 – Moe

And here’s a look at Moe’s card:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $220
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $750
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $5000

1959 Three Stooges #1 – Curly

And here’s the Granddaddy of the 1959 Three Stooges trading cards:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $650
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $3750
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $45000

1959 Three Stooges Checklist

If you don’t own the actual checklist cards (all three of them), then you might be wondering about each card. Here complete set list of the 1959 Three Stooges trading cards:

1 Curly
2 Moe
3 Larry
4 You’ll sleep in the room in the basement and like it.
5 They went thatta-way!
6 Hey Moe, don’t you think there’s room for yours on top?
7 Uh! Uh! I’ve got eyes in the back of my head
8 I told you wise guys you’d never get away with it!
9 You lied! You told me he couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag.
10 Come on, give back that baseball! We know you swallowed it.
11 There’s 4 needles in my pants and you better get them out!
12 Hold still — I’m a tailor!
13 C’mon Curly — The horse is the one in front of Larry!
14 I tell you — Humans have 13 ribs — you’ve got 19 — you ain’t human!
15 Don’t work — You can breathe through your mouth!
16 You can’t keep your money in your shows and walk at the same time.
17 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
18 One more rehearsal and I think we’ll be good enough to play at the Met.
19 Hey fellows, I think I’ve got a bite.
20 How do you like this for a fancy finish.
21 Peek-a-Boo!
22 What do you think I am, a pair of pants?
23 Not even George Washington would sleep here!
24 Look out below.
25 Next time we’ll take the elevator!
26 The “Tree” Stooges
27 Somehow I have the feeling we’re not wanted.
28 What happened to our reservations!
29 Your nose is too big and your brain is too small.
30 This one’s in the bag.
31 Bargain Hunters.
32 Cleaning up the West.
33 Let me know when my number comes up.
34 Birds of a feather.
35 Who’s that good-looking guy behind us?
36 Get your nose out of my business!
37 I told you to turn off the fan!
38 Contact!
39 If you don’t stop my name will be Whirley instead of Curly.
40 I never miss — except with the first shot.
41 About face!
42 A hair raising experience.
43 No down payment.
44 No use. That hat won’t fit!
45 Dig that crazy chicken!
46 Singing in the shower.
47 Just thought I’d drop by!
48 Larry plays by ear!
49 Always on the go.
50 Rome wasn’t burned in a day.
51 Be careful, this is my only suit.
52 It must have been something I ate!
53 That’s an order — a quart of milk and 3 doughnuts.
54 I could have sworn I just shaved him yesterday.
55 When you hear the tone, the time will be – – –
56 Just a little off the top.
57 That ought hold him!
58 Curly always does want to be in pictures!
59 Did you have to sneeze?
60 Betcha 8 to 5 you miss me again.
61 We never took a lesson in our lives!
62 Congratulations, Curly, you’ve just been elected treasurer.
63 Curly, the first thing a fighter must learn is how to get into the ring.
64 You won’t fool anybody with that haircut!
65 Dinner music.
66 He has 40 teeth and 4 cavities!
67 Curly, I tell you it is not a dog!
68 Quick — cal the S.P.C.A.!
69 What are you planting — roses or noses?
70 C’mon you guys, quit horsin’ around!
71 Getting even with Moe.
72 Give me back my Hula Hoop.
73 Bang!
74 Just don’t break anything!
75 Take me to your leader!
76 Now you know where we get all that corn!
77 Where has that doggone dog gone?
78 Good health means good fun.
79 I hate to say this, but somebody’s flat!
80 You say it was right here that you lost your mind?
81 He must be around here somewhere.
82 This looks like a bad case of “Permiss of the Fatastan.”
83 Is there a doctor in the house!
84 Strong backs — weak minds.
85 Give me a hand, I can’t carry it all by myself!
86 Round and round she goes.
87 Nobody leave the room!
88 At least, throw us a bone!
89 Why are Fire Engines Red?
90 What’s wrong — No more chairs in this room?
91 That’s using your head, Curly!
92 He’s got a good head on him — for fishing!
93 We didn’t do anything and we’ll never do it again.
94 I tell you your nose is too long!
95 Sorry, this line is busy!
96 Trying the squeeze play.

Key Cards

Here are the 1959 Three Stooges cards that are the most sought after. I can’t express how incredibly rare it is to find “Gray Backs”:

1 Curly
1 Curly Gray Back
2 Moe
2 Moe Gray Back
3 Larry
3 Larry Gray Back
11 There’s 4 Needles in MY Pants and You… Gray Back
16 You Can’t Keep… Checklist
39 IF You Don’t Stop MY Name Will Be … Gray Back
41 About Face! Gray Back
48 Larry Plays By Ear! Gray Back
63 Curly, the First… Checklist
64 You Won’t Fool Anybody With That Haircut
64 You Won’t Fool… Checklist
68 Quick-Call the S.P.C.A.! Gray Back
96 Trying the Squeeze Play

What Now?

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