1962 Mars Attacks Trading Cards (Topps)

Topps release of the 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards would be one of the most significant steps made in non-sports trading card history. This science-fiction card set told a story of nasty Martians invading Earth with 55 cards. The different cards showed battles, invasions, torture, kidnappings, and devastation. The end shows Earth fighting back and winning.

The cards featured the work of Wallace Wood, a known science fiction artist in those days. The story was created by Len Brown and Woody Gelman, while the artwork was a group effort by Len Brown, Wally Wood, Bob Powell, and Norman Saunders.

Martian Controversy

There was a lot of controversy with these cards. As much as kids loved them, parents did not. Why? For its time, it was pretty gory and portrayed sexually aggressive behaviors from menacing Martians. In fact, Topps eventually stopped production due to the controversy. As a result of the limited production, 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards pull as high as $5,000.00 at online auctions for highly graded cards.

Mars Attacks Card Set

The entire Mars Attacks card set includes a total of 55 cards, including the checklist. Here’s a breakdown of each card and its card number.

1 The Invasion Begins
2 Martians Approaching
3 Attacking Army Base
4 Saucers Blast Jets
5 Washington in Flames
6 Burning Navy Ships
7 Destroying Bridge
8 Times Square Terror
9 The Human Torch
10 Skyscraper Tumbles
11 Destroy the City
12 Death in the Cockpit
13 Watching from Mars
14 Charred by Martians
15 Saucers Invade China
16 Panic in Parliament
17 Beast and the Beauty
18 Soldiers Fight Back
19 Burning Flesh
20 Crushed to Death
21 Prize Captive
22 Burning Cattle
23 The Frost Ray
24 The Shrinking Ray
25 Capturing a Martian
26 The Tidal Wave
27 The Giant Files
28 Helpless Victim
29 Death in the Shelter
30 Trapped!
31 Monster Reaches In
32 Robot Terror
33 Removing the Victims
34 Terror in Railroad
35 The Flame Throwers
36 Destroying a Dog
37 Creeping Menace
38 Victims of the Bug
39 Army of Insects
40 High Voltage
41 Horror in Paris
42 Hairy Fiend
43 Blasting the Bug
44 Battle in the Air
45 Fighting Insects
46 Blast Off for Mars
47 Earth Bombs Mars
48 Earthmen Land on Mars
49 The Earthmen Charge
50 Smashing the Enemy
51 Crushing the Martians
52 Giant Robot
53 Martian City in Ruins
54 Mars Explodes
55 Checklist

The Value of 1962 Mars Attacks Trading Cards

So what are 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards actually worth? In 2008, Card #1 sold for $3,600.00. This is one of the more valuable cards. In 2011, Card #1 sold for $5,654.00. This was a PSA 9 graded card. Speaking of grading, I recommend PSA graded cards above all, but there are several reputable grading services out there.

So let’s talk about the values. Typically, PSA-graded cards will run anywhere from $10 to as high as $1000 for common cards. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything under a PSA 4 for investment purposes.

Card #1 (The Invasion Begins) holds a higher value than most. This is the card that collectors go after. If you get your hands on one of these, consider yourself fortunate. These can go as high as $5400 for a Mint condition card.

Another difficult card to find in good condition is the checklist. Expect to pay as high as $5k for one in Mint condition.

Key Cards

These 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards are the ones that you’ll want as a collectible investor:

1 The Invasion Begins
6 Burning Navy Ships
8 Terror in Times Square
18 A Soldier Fights Back
28 Helpless Victim
39 Army of Giant Insects
43 Blasting the Bug
54 Mars Explodes
55 Checklist

Mars Attacks is Fun to Collect

Personally, I have enjoyed my experiences with collecting and researching Mars Attacks collectible cards. The story is interesting and I find the artwork entertaining. If you’re considering collecting 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards, you’re in for a treat.

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