1965 Gilligan’s Island Cards (Topps)

Adored by many, Gilligan’s Island was a hit. It’s no wonder that Topps released the 1965 Gilligan’s Island trading card set. In this article, we’ll learn about the set, review values, see the checklist, and more. Let’s dig in…

What the Cards Look Like

The 1965 Gilligan’s Island set has a black and white image on the front with a white border. Each card features a cartoonish balloon with the character’s words in it. In the lower left or right-hand corner, you’ll find the logo. The logo says Gillian’s Island and has a couple of palm trees.

What really made this set fun would be the back of the cards. Each card had two “camera stills” on the back. One half had a black border and the other half had a red border. If you put the set together, you could flip through to watch an “episode”. With two pictures on each card, you could enjoy two “episodes”. Pretty neat, huh?

The Value of 1965 Gilligan’s Island Cards

If you have any 1965 Gilligan’s Island cards, you’re probably wondering what they might be worth. Because many kids would flip through the cards to watch the “episodes” you don’t easily find them in good condition. A lot of them have been bent and worn away. For this reason, they tend to be quite valuable. It’s amazing what kids in the 1960’s did to non-sports trading cards.

Depending on the market, ungraded cards will run anywhere from $10 to $50 in very good (VG) to excellent (EX) condition. A complete set might run you anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the condition.

However, if you have professionally graded cards that are near mint (NM) condition or better, they could be quite valuable. Here’s an average price you can expect to pay:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $50 to $100
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $100 to $200
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $300 to $500
  • PSA 10 (Gem Mint): $500 to $750

Keep in mind that the first and last card of the set are worth considerably more. Don’t be surprised if you see card #1 or #55 going for over $1000.00 in Mint or Gem Mint condition. These are a lot rarer (especially the Gem Mint cards), so people can hold out for premium prices.

Also remember that a card is worth what someone is willing to pay for. You’ll sometimes find these cards for significantly more or less than their values.

1965 Gilligan’s Island Checklist

Here’s a list of the cards. You’ll find the number of the card and the card title (which is what printed in the cartoon balloons).

  1. You’ll be safe Skipper!
  2. Gee Skipper, you pop up in the strangest places
  3. Somebody call for a handy man?
  4. Are you sure this will go up?
  5. Don’t hit them too hard! They’re only eggs!
  6. Skipper, I’ll always be with you
  7. Gee, I thought you were the Statue of Liberty
  8. You said drop everything, so I dropped
  9. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
  10. You first!
  11. If you say one word I’ll kill myself!
  12. What could go wrong with me at the wheel?
  13. it’s the footprint of a horrible monster!
  14. Always happy to lend a hand, Skipper!
  15. Drink this and you’ll feel like a million
  16. My gosh, it does look like Gilligan!
  17. There’s something fishy about this place!
  18. Bob Denver
  19. so brave, so fearless!
  20. Are you sure we’re safe from Gilligan in here
  21. Everything I say to you goes in one head
  22. Does neatness count?
  23. Why did I sit on that ant hill?
  24. Are you sure Tarzan started this way?
  25. Bang
  26. I think the radio is fixed! Yeah?
  27. A sentry must always be alert!
  28. Ever have a fish in your mouth?
  29. Gilligan, investigate those strange noises.
  30. Where are we going on this raft?
  31. Gee, we could be stuck here for years!
  32. One false move and I’ll shoot!
  33. Where’d everybody go?
  34. I wonder what the Skipper had in mind
  35. I don’t know what I’d do without you
  36. I’m a witch doctor making a house call!
  37. Gilligan to the Rescue! Oh no!
  38. Can you see anything?
  39. What a crazy time to gargle!
  40. Only an idiot would fly this plane!
  41. Why’d I have to be stuck on the same island
  42. Anyone for a showdown!
  43. Aw come on, stick ’em up!!
  44. Uh-oh, the Skipper stepped in my animal trap!
  45. They’ll never find me in this poison ivy!
  46. I’m starting my own fan club!
  47. I think I’m losing my mind! Don’t worry!
  48. Who’s the wise guy
  49. It’s time you learned something about sailing
  50. Let me at him! Let me at him!
  51. I’m the brains of this outfit!
  52. I’m -plane- crazy about flying!
  53. I shouldn’t have made a hole in the boat
  54. I think I’m seasick.
  55. The Castaways

What Next?

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Looking to buy, sell or trade? You’ll be able to find 1965 Gilligan’s Island cards on eBay. However, it might take you some time to put together a complete set.

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