1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek Trading Cards

The 1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek trading cards were released by the famous English candy maker as a 12 card set. The company based out of Slough is known to include movie, television, and comic book tie-in cards with their candy products. Some other notable sets include Superman, Popeye, and the Beatles’s Yellow Submarine sets from the 1960s.

Set Details

They are referred to as stamps on the back of each card, but they would now be more known as sticker cards to modern collectors. Many of these stickers have likely been removed from the card over the years. The 1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek trading cards came in packages of candy cigarettes and each card measures about 2.5 inches by 1.375 inches. You would have found one card included in each packet of candy. They were sold (with the candy cigarettes) in packaging that also depicted Star Trek.

As the production of the original Star Trek show ended in 1969 and an animated cartoon series did not air until 1973, the cards are not promoting a specific season or movie. Instead, the cards display random action scenes with a description on the back. There are no copyright dates listed on the card, but it states that they were “Issued in 2307,” in reference to the year the original show took place.

While most images do not depict characters, there are drawings of Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy. The cards have crude artwork with stark background colors, usually focusing on a ship or character with space in the background. There is no text on the front of the cards, but the back included a story-line and a card number.

Let’s Talk Value on These Trading Cards

As these cards were originally only available in the United Kingdom, they are scarce in the United States and location might affect the value of the cards. Complete sets have sold at auctions for around $30.00 in recent years, but value would depend greatly on condition of the cards.

In high graded conditions, the 1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek trading card set will fetch a far greater value.A complete set of 12 cards graded by PSA as NM-MT (PSA 8) will probably run around $150 to $200. If you wanted a complete GEM MINT set that was graded, you could possibly pay between $750 to $1000 because of the condition.

1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek Trading Cards Checklist

Below is the checklist for the 1971 Star Trek trading cards (stamps), including each number and title:

  1. The Enterprise Incident
  2. In the Planet Platonius
  3. Dr. McCoy Cast Adrift
  4. The Derelict Space Ship
  5. Mr. Spock of the Planet Vulcan
  6. Attacked in Deep Space
  7. Dr. McCoy Space Doctor and Third Officer
  8. Captain Kirk
  9. This Series of 12 Space Stamps
  10. The Meteor Storms
  11. This is the Enterprise
  12. The Doomsday Machine

What Now?

If you like this set, you may also enjoy the 1969 A&BC Star Trek set or possibly the 1975 Morris Star Trek set.

If you’re interested in buying 1971 Primrose Confectionary Star Trek trading cards, reach out and let me know. I can help with this.

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