1975 Star Trek Stickers (Morris)

Released by Morris for marketing purposes, the 1975 Star Trek stickers were made available in Canada. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about this set, learn about the stickers, view a checklist, and more.

About 1975 Star Trek Stickers

Morris National Sales is a confectionery and specialty food company out of Montreal. Like American gum company Topps (to a lesser extent), they have branched out into collectible cards and stickers at different times. Many of these involved historic events, but in 1975, Morris put out a Star Trek sticker set. This involved kids and collectors purchasing packets of stickers to fill out a twelve page album book that told an episodic story titled, “The Siege,” where the original cast of the show fought humanoids and robots. (Interestingly, there was also a Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode by the same name, but the plots were unrelated.)

The stickers came in packs with one sheet of stickers (usually three or four stickers) and a puzzle piece. The thirty different puzzle pieces combined to form an image of the U.S.S. Enterprise firing phasers. The image from the puzzle was also available as a poster through a mail-order option.

The sticker sheets are 3.25″ by 4.375″ in size. The size of the 1975 Star Trek stickers vary.

Collecting This Set

Images include cartoon illustrations and photos of characters. In total, there are thirty different variations of the sticker sheets available. In theory, collecting the set would involve having all thirty sticker sheets, though the thirty-three stickers could probably be obtained through fewer sheets.

There are several different collecting options and issues related to this set. Generally, a complete set of the stickers (on the original sheets) is most desired. Since the puzzle pieces were glued to the sticker sheets, condition will most likely be an issue.

Collectors can also purchase individual unopened packets (which include one sticker sheet and a puzzle piece). The packets came in boxes of ninety-six, which are also collectible. In addition, the story album book has some unique collectibility appeal. Along with condition (were stickers actually put in place), there are four different versions of the sticker book, which can be determined by the pull-out poster that was included.

1975 Star Trek Stickers Checklist

As always, I try to provide a checklist of sets. Here are the 1975 Star Trek stickers:

  1. James T. Kirk
  2. Mr. Spock
  3. Montgomery Scott
  4. Dr. “Bones” McCoy
  5. U.S.S. Enterprise
  6. McCoy, Chekov, Spock and Kirk
  7. Ensign Chekov with tricorder
  8. McCoy, Kirk and Chekov on Planet Surface
  9. Kirk with Phaser Rifle
  10. Kirk Firing
  11. Gorn
  12. Kirk Enmeshed by the Gorn
  13. Kirk Fighting the Gorn
  14. Spock and Kirk Captured
  15. Mr. Spock and Scotty
  16. Mr. Spock
  17. McCoy, Spock and Scotty on Bridge
  18. Spock Materializing
  19. Spock and T’Pau on Vulcan
  20. Hostile Early Off-Shoot of Klingon
  21. Alien Humanoid
  22. Alien Aquatic Humanoid
  23. Robot
  24. James T. Kirk
  25. Kirk in Command Chair
  26. Engineering Scene
  27. U.S.S. Enterprise
  28. Ensign Martin
  29. Ghostly Face
  30. Spock with Phaser Raised
  31. Phaser Cannon
  32. Kirk, McCoy and Spock
  33. Sickbay

What next?

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