1976 Star Trek Stickers (Topps)

1976 Star Trek Stickers #1 James Kirk
1976 Star Trek Stickers #1 James Kirk

Being a huge fan of Star Trek, I’ve really enjoyed the 1976 Star Trek stickers as part of my collection. One sticker was included in each pack of 1976 Star Trek trading cards. There were 36 packs per box. The set consists of a total of 22 stickers produced by Topps.

So what do the stickers look like? They feature a character or ship on the front with a bold colored outline around them. The background is a space scenery that fades into a black border. The colored outline also surrounds a yellow box at the bottom of the card, which includes the card’s title in black print. The card number and copyright info are also included in this area. The size of the 1976 Topps Star Trek stickers are approximately 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

You’ll also find that the 1979 Star Trek set offers stickers as well. Additionally, you might enjoy Paul’s 1979 Star Trek stickers.

List of 1976 Star Trek Stickers

Below is a list of all stickers in this set. It is ordered by the sticker number

Let’s take a look at each card in the set. This list shows the card number and title description on the front of the card. You can also click on each card for more detailed information.

  1. James Kirk
  2. Mr. Spock – Unearthly!
  3. Spock of Vulcan
  4. Dr. “Bones” McCoy
  5. Engineer Scott
  6. Lieutenant Uhura
  7. Ensign Chekov
  8. The Starship Enterprise
  9. Kirk Beaming Up!
  10. Star Trek Lives!
  11. Highly Illogical!
  12. The Keeper
  13. Commander Balok
  14. The Mugato
  15. Lal, the Interrogator
  16. The Parallel Spock
  17. Ambassador Gav
  18. Alien Possession!
  19. Spock Lives!
  20. Evil Klingon Kang
  21. Spock Forever!
  22. The Romulan Vessel

Buy or Sell Star Trek Stickers

If you’re looking for these Star Trek cards from 1976, they occasionally come up on eBay. However, they can often be overpriced for lower grades. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re looking to buy any. Also, if you’re looking to sell your 1976 Star Trek Stickers, I’m definitely interested.

Happy Trekking!

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