1976 Star Trek Trading Card 2: Captain James T. Kirk

The second card you’ll find in the 1976 Star Trek trading card set is titled Captain James T. Kirk. As I’m sure you can guess, this is highly sought after card, commanding strong prices on auctions and private sales.Despite the strong prices, some people are surprised to learn that the availability is higher than most cards in this set. At the time of writing this, there are almost 100 PSA graded cards in existence.

James Kirk is a man of great responsibilities. As captain of the starship Enterprise, he must protect his 311 crew members against the unpredictable dangers of deep space travel. he must also act as a diplomat, and establish friendly relations with alien forms. Finally, he is a man of action, ready and able to defend the free universe against the aggressions of Klingons!

PSA Population of Card 2

There are approximately 100 PSA graded cards. However, you won’t find a Gem Mint copy of the 1976 Star Trek trading card 2. To find one of these would be an extremely valuable find.

So what would these be worth?

Value of 1976 Star Trek Trading Card 2

First, let me share the book value of these cards.

  • PSA 7 – $20.00
  • PSA 8 – $35.00
  • PSA 9 – $150.00
  • PSA 10 – $525.00

Now let’s talk about what they’re actually selling for. The first two are pretty close to what they go for. You’ll typically see PSA 7s go between $20 and $30, while PSA 8s range between $35 and $50. Based on the rising interest of this set, you should expect to pay at least $200, if not more, for a PSA 9. If someone actually discovers a PSA 10, you can definitely expect to pay some juice for it. If I had one, i wouldn’t sell it for less than $1,000; probably more.

What Next?

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