1976 Star Trek Trading Card 4: Science Officer Spock

This 1976 Star Trek trading card 4 is another highly sought after card from the 1976 Star Trek set. This is primarily due to the popularity of the character, Spock.

In addition to Spock being such a popular character among fans, PSA has only graded one card as GEM MINT (PSA 10). However, there are 11 PSA 9s, and about 90 graded cards overall.

This is a card that will continue to provide strong values because Spock simply rocks!

Front of Card Number 4

On the front of this trading card, you’ll find our favorite alien, Spock, leaning over and listening while working on fixing an issue with the system. The card is titled Science Officer Spock.

Back of 1976 Star Trek Trading Card 4

On the back, the card is numbered 4. The Captain’s Log reads:

Spock hails from the planet Vulcan, a strange world where feelings and emotions are considered bad taste, and logic is the rule. While his father, Sarek, is a Vulcan in good standing, his mother happens to be an Earth woman. This gives Mr. Spock a submerged human side, a part of himself that occasionally breaks to the surface under conditions of stress.

Like many of the cards, you’ll find a plug for the Star Trek movie at the bottom right-hand side of the card.

How Much is the Spock Card Worth?

The only available GEM MINT (PSA 10) card out there sold in early 2012 for $999.99 on eBay. The most recent MINT (PSA 9) card sold for $156.00. Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for this card:

  • PSA 10 GEM MINT – $1200
  • PSA 9 MINT – $150
  • PSA 8 NM-MT – $35
  • PSA 7 NM – $10
  • PSA 6 EX-MT – $7
  • PSA 5 EX – $6
  • PSA 4 VG-EX – $4
  • PSA 3 VG – $3
  • PSA 2 GOOD – $2
  • PSA 1 POOR – $1

Buying and Selling Spock’s Card

If you’re looking to buy or sell this card, you may find some luck on eBay, but keep in mind, the seller will be paying 10% in fees, so yu may be better looking for a private sale.

I’m buying and selling this card, so if you are looking for one or are in search of a buyer, look no further. Just let me know how I can help you out with a 1976 Star Trek trading card 4.

Other Cards to Look At

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