1976 Star Trek Trading Card 5: Engineer Scott

Engineer Montgomery Scott is another Star Trek favorite. He’s known for always pulling off miraculous engineering feats to save the day as well as his funny and quick witted one-liners and unmistakable Scottish Accent.

PSA has graded approximately 100 of these cards from the ’76 Star Trek set, with only one being in GEM MINT (PSA 10) condition. There are around 10 in MINT (PSA 9) condition. making this a tougher card to get you hands on.

What’s on the Front of the 1976 Star Trek Trading Card 5?

The front of the card features the Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott (Scotty), up to his normal routine of adjustments on the Star Ship Enterprise. The card is titled Engineer Scott.

Back of Scotty’s Card

The back is numbered “5″ and the Captain’s Log reads as follows:

“Scotty” knows every square inch of the starship Enterprise – he’s the ship’s official engineer and big brother! Whenever she’s ailing, and for whatever reason, you can be sure Scott will know how to handle things. On countless occasions it was his split-second adjustments that saved the vessel from certain destruction at the hands of Klingons or other unfriendly alien forces.

Looking to Buy or Sell?

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