Disney Infinity Game Is Hot with Collectors

The Disney Infinity game was released in 2013 and took the market by storm. Think of this game as a cross between Skylanders and Minecraft set in the magical world of Disney. To actually play the game, you place physical collectible Disney characters on a special base, which places that specific character into the game world. You can also purchase “power discs” which are sold in sealed bags. You don’t know what you’re getting, so it’s similar to the idea of collecting Disney trading cards or even Disney Vinylmation. Each power disc does something unique to add to the gaming experience.

This game has attracted a lot of attention from not just children, but adults as well. Yes, anything Disney is going to be attractive to youngsters, but I have to tell you: as an adult (and gamer), this game is a lot of fun! But for those of us that are Disneyana collectors, this franchise is a real gem. I have really enjoyed collecting the different characters and I can’t wait to see what characters will be coming next. I even know of many people who don’t have the game but simply collect the different characters.

Disney Infinity Game Play

I understand that this is a site about collectibles, but I still want to let you know about the game play as well. I promise, we’ll get to the collectible part shortly.

There are two main play modes in this game. There’s the Play Set and then the Toy Box. To play, you would place the World piece (if playing the play set mode), and the character(s) that you want to play with on the base. Optionally, you can also place power discs underneath the world or characters for a little “extra” magic.

So let’s dig into each of these together:

Play Set

There are multiple play sets available to buy. When you buy the Starter Pack (which is less than $80) you’ll get three play sets (More on that in a little bit). An example of a play set would be Toy Story. This gives you the ability to play any of your Toy Story characters in a game focused on Toy Story. It’s a sandbox styled adventure game, which means you can basically interact with the world around you while following along a unique storyline to that specific play set. The play set mode can be played as a single player game or a two player game. However, to play a Play Set, you must own the World Disc, which is placed on the Infinity Base.

Here is a list of the current play sets that are available:

  • Cars
  • The Incredibles
  • Monsters University
  • The Loan Ranger
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Toy Story

I have no doubt that there are more Disney Infinity game play sets coming..

The Toy Box

The Toy Box allows you to create your own world or games using basic items (or toys) as well as items that you collect in the game by making specific accomplishments. You can also purchase power discs, which I’ll talk about a little more in a bit, which give you toys, textures, skydomes, or special abilities.

So What Can You Collect?

So this is a collectibles website, so let’s talk a little about what’s available to collect. You can collect the Disney character collectible figurines which are required for game play. You can also collect power discs.

Collectible Disney Infinity Figurines

Here’s a list of the currently available Disney Infinity character figurines:

CarsFrancescoHolleyLightning McQueenMaterFantasiaSorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey MouseFrozenAnnaElsaThe IncrediblesDashMr. IncredibleMrs. Incredible/ElastigirlSyndromeVioletThe Lone RangerThe Lone RangerTontoMonsters UniversityMikeRandySulleyThe Nightmare Before ChristmasJack SkeletonPhineas and FerbAgent PPhineasPirates of the CaribbeanBarbosaCaptain Jack SparrowDavy JonesTangledRapunzelToy StoryBuzz LightyearJessieWoodyWreck-It RalphVanelopeWreck-It Ralph

The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack will come with everything you need to get you started with playing or collecting Disney Infinity. It includes the following:

  • Disney Infinity Game
  • 3 Disney Infinity Figures – Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, Sulley
  • Disney Infinity Base
  • Disney Infinity Power Disc (random)
  • Starter Pack Play Set, which includes the Incredibles, Monster University, and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Web Code Card, so you can play on your PC or iPad

What’s the Disney Infinity Secret?

At the beginning of this article, I promised you a secret about this game. Disney hasn’t officially announced this at the time of my writing this, but here’s a tip to get you the Dragon Lair Toy Box. If you’ve been to Disney has released the Magic Band, which is used to enter parks, resort rooms, as well as other things. One of those things is related to Disney Infinity. Place your Magic Band (if you have one) on the Infinity base while in Toy Box mode and you will be awarded with the Dragon’s Lair Toy Box.

Buy or Sell Disney Infinity Game Figurines

We are buying and selling Disney Infinity Game figurines, so please feel free to reach out and send me a message if you’re interested.

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