Vinylmation Park Series 3

Vinylmation Park Series 3 hit the market on November 20, 2009, following the success of Park 1 and Park 2. The set of 12 figurines consists of 11 commons and 1 chaser. The following shows a small view of each Vinylmation Park Series 3 figurines.

In this article, we’ll talk about the values, share pictures of each figurine, give you chaser information, and make recommendations.


The values for Vinylmation Park Series 3 didn’t hold as well as the first two sets, so it’s a nice way to get one of the earlier Vinylmation sets for next to nothing. Typically, you can get your hands on each figurine for between $4 and $12; depending on the supply and demand on any given day.

You should also be able to get the chaser for less than $20 without a problem.

Vinylmation Park Series 3 Checklist

The following is a Park 3 Checklist in alphabetical order:

America Sings
Big Al
Blue Monorail
Elephant Bathing Pool
Mission Spacesuit
Pirate Auctioneer
Toontown Trolley
WDW Castle
Chaser: It’s a Small World

A Look at Park 3 Figurines

Let’s take a look at the commons first. This slideshow will show you each figurine from the series along with its name. As always, each Park Vinylmation figurine depicts a theme or character related to the Disney Parks on a Mickey body.

Park Series 3 Chaser

Park 3′s chaser was “It’s a Small World”. It is primarily blue with green feet (designed to look like the ground that you’d see on the It’s a Small World” ride. Throughout, you’ll find a variety of flowers. On the back of Mickey’s head, you’ll find  a bird.

Mystery Chaser – It’s a Small World


If you’re collecting as an investor, see if you get your hands on a Chaser at a low cost. You should be able to flip it for a profit easily. If you’re collecting for the love of the set and your own personal collection, this is a great early Park series to get your hands on for little money.

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Are you looking to buy or sell Disney’s Vinylmation Park Series 3 figurines? If so, let me know! eBay is also a great resource as well.

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