Marvel Vinylmation Series 1

It’s no surprise that shortly after acquiring Marvel, Disney released one of the most popular Vinylmation series ever. Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 will carry similar popularity that we see with Star Wars Vinylmation -Series 1. This series has been so popular that it sold out in about half the time a normal series would last.

Marvel Vinylmation Characters

First thing’s first. Let’s jump right in to let you know what characters you can expect to see in this first Marvel series. Here, you can take a look at a slide show that features each character from the series. You’ll see the Marvel character’s name and picture showing all four sides:

Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 Chaser

As you may or may not know, each Vinylmation series comes with a mystery chaser. There is one mystery chaser in each case of Marvel Series 1. Here it is…

Marvel Series 1 Variants

In this series, you’ll find two variants. It is estimated that you’ll find a variant in one out of every six cases. If you have a case with the variant, it replaces the normal of that character, which means you actually get two variants. So who are the variants in the first series of Marvel? Here they are:

Wasp and Yellow Jacket Limited Edition Set

Disney decided to release a Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 Limited Edition Set of 1000, which includes both Wasp and Yellow Jacket. Since there are only 1000 in the world, you can guess that they went fast and are selling for a premium now on auction sites.


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