1909 Cowboy Series T53 (Hassan)

The T53 1909 Cowboy Series was a beautiful set released by Hassan Cigarettes. It was initially supposed to be a 50 card set, but was reduced to 49 instead. One of the cards was cut because it was too violent for the times. So this non-sport set always feels like it’s missing something.

About the Cards

Each 1909 Cowboy Series cigarette card measures 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″. The front of the card featured full colored artwork depicting different scenes from the “Old West”. The image was bordered with winding rope. What was interesting was that each card’s border was different from the next. The title of the card isn’t immediately noticeable, but is found at the top of the card.

One of the cards snuck in a nice advertisement for themselves on the “His Favorite Brand” card. The cowboy is holding a pack of Hassan cigarettes.

The back of each card features the title of the card at the top with a description. The bottom of the card had the Hassan’s logo and copyright information. It also (even though there are only 49 cards) shares the set title “Cowboy Series 1-50”.

T53 Values

Ungraded 1909 Cowboy Series trading cards will typically range in value from $1 to $5. This depends on the condition. If you can get your hands on an entire set, you’ll probably spend around $150.

Graded variations will go for a little more, but there aren’t a lot of collectors looking for graded specimens from this set, so I wouldn’t bother. But you’ll probably spend about $10-15 for a PSA 4. There are only a handful of cards that are professionally graded by PSA as higher than 5 (EX).

1909 Cowboy Series Checklist

The 1909 Cowboy Series was not numbered. Here’s an alphabetical listing of each card:

“Her” Picture
“Touching Leather”
A Balky Pupil
A Buck Hero
A Bucking Bronco
A Close Call
A Cowboy Race
A Half-Breed
A Long Shot
A Lucky Bag
A Parting Shot
An Old-Time Cowboy
At the Theater
Branding A Calf
Cowboy Courtship
Darning His Socks
Driving Out the Horse Herd
Evening on the Prairie
Fighting the Prairie Fire
Fording the River
Getting the Horse Thief
Hands Up!
Heading A Stampede
Helping the Sheriff
His Best Friend
His Favorite Brand
Hurdling the Corral
Lassoing A Grizzly
Making A Tender Foot Dance
On the Hunt
On the Move
Picking Up the Handkerchief
Playing Crack-Loo
Putting on the Blind
Queen of the Ranch
Repairing A Break
Riding A Buffalo
Riding A Steer
Roping A Steer
Roping and Tying
Rounding Up
Shooting Up the Town
Skinning A Buffalo
The Lariat Dance
The Maverick
The Overland Mail
Throwing A Steer
Throwing the Lasso

Key Cards

There seems to be a lower population on these two cards:

Repairing A Break
The Lariat Dance

However, they don’t seem to sell for a whole lot more.

What Next?

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