Top 10 1976 Star Trek Trading Cards for Investors

The 1976 Topps Star Trek trading cards are extremely interesting.

This is the first Star Trek set released in color in the United States, and unlike the 1967 Leaf Star Trek set, the descriptions actually make sense. (You may or may not know that the Leaf set descriptions were entirely inaccurate.)

Finding GEM MINT professionally graded cards are near impossible. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few (and regret selling a couple at the price I did).

What Are the Top 10 1976 Star Trek Trading Cards?

So what makes some of these cards so valuable? Well, for starters, the first and last cards of most sets are usually the most valuable. The first card also features The USS Enterprise, while the last card features Spock. Even if they weren’t the first and last card, they would be in demand because of the images on them. Cards 2 through 7 are also popular due to each one being dedicated to a specific character. Finally, there are a few cards you’ll want to get your hands on based on the low supply of availability in good condition. So let’s jump into the top 10 cards you should try to get your hands on as a collector:

1. Dr. “Bones” McCoy – Card #3 PSA MINT 9

Without a doubt, the most highly sought-after of all the 1976 Star Trek trading cards is the McCoy Card. At the time of writing, no PSA 10s have been discovered and there are only four PSA MINT 9s. If you need to save some money, it may be a little easier to find a PSA 8. Although these are more readily available, they still command high prices.

2. Science Officer Spock – Card #4 PSA MINT 10

There’s only one PSA 10 Spock card in population, but what a great card it would be to own. Whoever owns this, I’m a buyer. :-) You can also get your hands on a PSA 9 copy of the 4th 1976 Star Trek trading card. There are eleven of these around.

3. The U.S.S Enterprise – Card #1 PSA MINT 9

I’m almost hesitant to place this as the 3rd best card to get your hands on because there is a decent population. However, there are no 10s and only nine PSA 9s in population. It is also the first card of the set, which features the famous U.S.S. Enterprise. Card 1: The USS Enterprise makes my list due to its cool factor and limited high grade availability.

4. Captain James T. Kirk – Card #2 PSA MINT 10

This also makes the list on the cool factor. There is one PSA 10s and eleven PSA 9s, so you may be able to get your hands on one of these without too much of a challenge. Learn more about Card 2.

5. Star Trek Lives! – Card #88 PSA 9

As the last card in the set, “Star Trek Lives” references the franchise being revitalized with the first Star Trek Movie. There are no 10s by PSA, but there are eight 9s out there.

6. Engineer Scott – Card #5 PSA 10

Again, there’s only one of these in population, but there are also several 9s available. Who wouldn’t want Scotty on board for your collection? Learn more about the Engineer Scott card.

7. Ensign Checkov – Card #7 PSA 10

There are actually two of these available. The 9 is not as valuable as some other cards on this list because there are so many of them (21 at the time of writing this). However, it would still be a great card to have in your collection.

8. Lieutenant Uhura – Card #6 PSA 9

You won’t find any GEM MINT Uhura cards (if you have one ungraded, get it professionally graded right away), but there are a few 9s out there. These don’t come cheap though.

9. Capturing the Keeper – Card #53 PSA 10

This card makes the list of top 1976 Star Trek trading cards because of its incredibly low population. The entire population, including all grades for PSA, is only 59. No card in the set has a lower population. There just so happens to be one 10 in existence. If some of the other cards on this list didn’t have such a cool factor, this card would have been higher on the list. This is definitely a great card to have in your collection. Also, look for a PSA 9. Even a PSA 8 is good to have for your collection, because of the low population.

10. Blasted by the Enemy – Card #54 PSA 10

This is the same story as card #53. There is a total population of only 63 cards and only one PSA 10 in existence.

Other 1976 Star Trek Trading Cards with Low Population

There are a few other cards that deserve recognition as well, due to their low population. If you can get your hands on any of these, you’re a lucky duck!

  • #67 The Tholian Web – PSA 10
  • #40 Dagger of the Mind – PSA 10
  • #47 The Guardian of Forever – PSA 10
  • #75 Creation of a Humanoid – PSA 10
  • #23 Mysterious Cube – PSA 9
  • #10 Opponents – PSA 9
  • #32 Monster Android – PSA 9
  • #11 Energize! – PSA 9

If anyone has these cards available and is looking to get rid of them, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to get my hands on any of these 1976 Star Trek trading cards.

Happy Trekking!

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