Vinylmation Park Series 4

Disney’s Vinylmation Park Series 4 was released on April 2, 2010. It consisted of 11 regular 3” figurines, one chaser, and one combo topper. There were also seven 9” figurines, one of which came with a bonus 3” figurine. The topper, Plane Crazy Mickey, was exclusively available in a combo pack with one blind box and was released in June of 2010.

At the time of release the 3” figures were priced at $9.95 for a blind box which included one figurine in a sealed pouch and an artist’s card with an image of the figurine. There was also information about which artist created the design. The 9” figures were not sold in blind boxes, so you knew exactly what you were getting.

This Disney Vinylmation set is interesting because it has a retro theme highlighting some past fan favorites and some attractions that are now gone.

Value of Vinylmation Park Series 4

Since their release the Park 4 Series figurines have increased in value although not consistently. More common 3” ones sell for $15-$25 dollars but the topper sells for about $50 and the chaser for about $35. The 9” figurines are considerably more valuable at $50-$75, and the Sully & Boo combo set is the most sought after and sells for $250-$300.

Park Series 4 – 3” Figurines:

Here are the 3 inch figurines from Disney’s Vinylmation Park Series 4. You’ll find the figurines’ names, artist, description and a visual representation.

Astro Orbiter by Maria Clapsis

The body has the central spire of the orbiter and the ears are the surrounding planets.

DCL Smokestack by Randy Noble

This is a slightly abstract view of the distinctive paint seen on the Disney Cruise Lin ships.

Epcot ’82 by Rachael Sur

This fan favorite has the signature geodesic dome of Epcot and a cheerful rainbow.

Goofy by Dan Howard

This is a very classic image of Goofy.

Green Monorail by Dan Howard

The monorail windshield is cleverly re-imagined as a futuristic helmet visor.

It’s a Small World Leopard by Monty Maldovan

This leopard is covered in the ride’s typical bright colors and flowers.

Nemo Submarine Monty Maldovan

Nemo peeks at you through the submarine window on Mickey’s face.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dog by Dawn Ockstadt

The Prison Dog has the key around his neck and a brick wall pattern on his ears and limbs.

SpectroMickey by Maria Clapsis

This Mickey is covered in the bright lights and colors of the SpectroMagic parade at Walt Disney World Resort.

Tomorrowland Suit by Maria Clapsis

Mickey wears a space suit that shares the design and colors of the Tomorrowland architecture.

Tower of Terror Elevator by Dan Howard

This is the elevator of the Tower of Terror, with the elevator dial on Mickey’s face.

Colonel (chaser) by Adrianne Draude

This is Colonel Kungaloosh from the Adventurer’s Club, which was a nightclub on Pleasure Island, and was an attraction for adults

Plane Crazy Mickey (combo topper) by Thomas Scott

This vintage black and white Mickey is from a 1928 cartoon called “Plane Crazy”.

Park 4 – 9” Figurines

Here is some information on each 9″ figurine. You’ll learn the name, artist and read a brief description.

Festival of the Lion King by Randy Noble

This is a abstract version of the decor and theme of the Lion King.

Adventure Through Innerspace by Maria Clapsis

Details of a snowflake represent the microscopic world of Innerspace.

Peter Pan’s Flight by Maria Clapsis

The flight, the ship sails, and the night sky are all found on this Mickey.

World Showcase by Rachael Sur

Flags of the world topped by Epcot’s distinctive dome make this figurine immediately recognizable.

Sully and Boo Combo (Boo is a bonus 3”) by Monty Maldovan

Faithful representations of Sully and Boo made this combo set a favorite.

Tiki Room by Maria Clapsis

This figurine is covered in bright tropical birds and patterns.

Sci-Fi Dine-In by Randy Noble

Retro flying saucers and space-age diner sign on the front and an inside view on the back.

What to Do Now?

If you enjoyed this set, take a look at Park 3 or Park 5 as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them just as much, if not more.

Are you looking to buy, sell or trade Vinylmation Park Series 4? eBay is a great place to do so.

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