1952 US Presidents Trading Cards (Bowman)

The 1952 Bowman US Presidents trading card set featured all the Presidents up until 1952. This article will explore the 1952 US Presidents trading cards, the checklist, key cards, values, population, and even provide expert recommendations.

About the Cards

The 1952 Bowman US Presidents set consisted of 36 total cards. Each card measures 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches. The front of each card will feature the portrait of a US President. In the background you will find artwork that was representative of that President’s term in office. A white border surrounds the card. At the bottom of each card, you’ll find the national emblem with the name of each President. The exception to this is the first two cards, which represent Washington taking command in the first card and a scene of the gathering for the Declaration of Independence.

On the back of the card you’ll find the name of the President as well as the term served. The majority of the back of the card is dedicated to a description of that President. At the bottom of the card you’ll find the copyright information.

1952 US Presidents Checklist

Here’s a checklist of the 1952 Bowman US President set. You’ll find the number and title of each card.

1 Washington Takes Command
2 Declaration of Independence
3 George Washington
4 John Adams
5 Thomas Jefferson
6 James Madison
7 Burning of White House
8 James Monroe
9 John Quincy Adams
10 Andrew Jackson
11 Martin Van Buren
12 WM. Henry Harrison
13 John Tyler
14 James K. Polk
15 Zachary Taylor
16 Millard Fillmore
17 Franklin Pierce
18 James Buchanan
19 Abraham Lincoln
20 Andrew Johnson
21 Ulysses S. Grant
22 Rutherford B. Hayes
23 James A. Garfield
24 Chester A. Arthur
25 Grover Cleveland
26 Benjamin Harrison
27 William McKinley
28 Theodore Roosevelt
29 William H. Taft
30 Woodrow Wilson
31 Warren G. Harding
32 Calvin Coolidge
33 Herbert C. Hoover
34 Franklin Roosevelt
35 Harry S. Truman
36 Dwight D. Eisenhower

1952 Bowman US Presidents Key Cards

If you’re considering the 1952 US Presidents for investment purposes, here are the key cards that you should be focusing on:

1 Washington Takes Command
8 James Monroe
9 John Quincy Adams
14 James K. Polk
16 Millard Fillmore
36 Dwight D. Eisenhower

At the time of writing this article, there were no gem mint cards graded by PSA. There are only a handful of PSA 9 mint cards. As an investor you definitely want to get your hands on these high grade cards.

Value and Population

To learn more about the value and population of this set, explore these resources provided by PSA.


For investors, be sure to focus on the key cards. And remember to always focus on the highest graded cards possible. Considering the site only has 36 cards, you may want to consider collecting the entire set.

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If you are looking to buy 1952 Bowman US Presidents, eBay is a great source.

Collectible Resource is available to buy your 1952 US Presidents cards set as well.

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