Disney Vinylmation Park Series 8

This delightful little set of figurines is part of Walt Disney World’s fortieth anniversary celebration. It was released on February 17, 2012. Each Vinylmation character is themed after a different place or attraction at Disney World.

Disney Vinylmation Park Series 8 Figures

Let’s take a look at the Vinylmation Park Series 8 figurines:

100 Years of Magic by Maria Clapsis

MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios)

Buddy by Thomas Scott

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, Magic Kingdom

Epcot Center 82 by Thomas Scott


Minnie Moo by Maria Clapsis

Mickey’s Birthdayland, Magic Kingdom

MK Ticket ’81

Magic Kingdom

Nautilus by Jon Bishop

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Magic Kingdom

Robot Chef by Casey Jones

Horizons, EPCOT

Sea Base Alpha by Eric Caszatt

The Living Seas, EPCOT

Safari Truck by Eric Caszatt

Kilimanjaro Safari, Animal Kingdom

Snowman by Casey Jones

Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Logo by Maria Clapsis

WDW 1996

Chasers, Variants, and Toppers

Let’s take a look at some other figures in the set:

Fort Wilderness Mickey Chaser

Ft Wilderness Resort, WDW

100 Years of Magic White Variant by Maria Clapsis

Hollywood Studios

Future World Mickey by Monty Maldovan


Talking Points

MK Ticket 1981, for instance has the graphics which were on an original 1981 ticket to Disney World painted over a Mickey Mouse figurine. In fact, they took the realism a step further with this figurine, and punched a hole in his ear, and ran a string through it, to symbolize the wear you could wear the tickets around your neck back in 1981. Epcot Retro Map, WDW 25th Anniversary logo, Safari Truck, and Nautilus follow suit. 100 years of magic has a really neat sorcerer’s hat atop Mickey Mouse’s head. The set was made up so that four figures had a Magic Kingdom theme, 3 were themed after Epcot, 1 from studios, 1 from Animal Kingdom, 1 from a resort, 1 from a water park, and 1 generic WDW.

The back of the head on the Mk ticket actually has what a day pass looked like in 1981, on the back of the head, and it actually says “Valid only on October 1st, 1981”. How realistic!

This is the second set in a row which is dedicated to this important anniversary. There were an abundance of designs to put on the figurines, especially with a multitude of resorts, two water parks, and four parks to choose from.

The set really has something for everybody, in the sense that it has themes from different attractions and parks painted on the figurines, so no matter what your favorite aspect of your trip to Disney World was, you will find something just for you in this set.

In short, Vinylmation Park Series 8 is a cute and unique way to celebrate Walt Disney World’s Big 4-0, whether you have made numerous visits to the Park or whether you have just been a big fan of Disney for years and still want to take a crack a going sometime. They definitely did a killer job on this.


The variant will be the most difficult to find and would make the best possible investment from this series. This series won’t be a huge money maker for you from an investment perspective, but it sure is a fun set to collect.

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