1956 Elvis Presley Trading Cards (Topps)

Bubbles Inc (now Topps) released 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards, which would become incredibly popular. We’ll take a look at how these cards came to be, card details, checklists, prices, population, recommendations, and more.

If you took a look at the current music charts, you would have a difficult time picking out a single artist that might still be around and popular 10 years from now. Stretch that number to 50 years and the task becomes totally impossible. The music business has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more artists becoming one hit or one album wonders. The internet has made new music easy to find, which means thousands of artists to choose from. That was not the case back in the 50’s, which was when Elvis Presley was the King.

Almost 60 years later, fans still flock to Graceland, the home of Elvis, and look for all kinds of souvenirs and paraphernalia with his name and image attached. There was no bigger music star than Elvis back in the day, so it isn’t really a surprise that a trading card set was produced that celebrated his music and film career. Banner Bubbles Inc. delivered 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards, taking a bit of a different approach to the Elvis collection than other card makers did with non-sports cards. The Elvis Presley set was one that was definitely made with the fans in mind.

About 1956 Elvis Presley Trading Cards

The 66 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards measured 3.5″ x 2.5″.

The cards in this set were essential split into two, with the first 46 all devoted to the music career of the Elvis. The front of each card had a color photo of Elvis, complete with a cool caption housed inside a red guitar.

Fans of The King loved the information on the back of the cards, as it was delivered in a way that made it appear as though Elvis himself was involved. The little blurbs came in the form of a fan question that was answered as though by Elvis himself. There really is no evidence that Elvis was ever posed or answered these questions.

It was around this time that Elvis made the leap from music to film, which is what the final 20 cards in the set were dedicated to. The movie celebrated in the card set was “Love Me Tender,” which was the first that Elvis ever appeared in. The pictures on these cards were also in color and featured a shot from the movie. Instead of the red guitar that was featured on the music themed cards, these 20 featured a red clapboard. The back of the card explained the picture, whilst also giving the plot of the movie.

The Elvis Presley cards also featured a blue banner that showed the number of the card in the set. That made it easy for collectors to know which cards they needed to finish their collection off. One thing that makes this set different from so many others is that fans will gladly take a card in less than perfect condition if it means they can complete the full set of 66. I think it’s fair to say that no music stars of today will ever get a card set of their own in the way that Elvis did.

1956 Elvis Presley Checklist

Here, you’ll find each of the 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards numbered:

1 Go, Go, Go Elvis
2 Elvis Presley
3 Relaxing at Rehearsals
4 Love Me Tender
5 Soft and Mellow
6 Elvis and His Fans
7 Presley Press Conference
8 Singing with the Heart
9 Time Out Between Shows
10 America’s Singing Idol
11 Don’t Be Cruel
12 Pickin’ Out a Tune
13 Steve Allen and Elvis
14 Down on the Farm
15 Judging His Record
16 Vacation Fun
17 Studying the Script
18 Signing Session
19 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
20 A Tux for TV
21 Elvis Presley
22 The Fan’s Friend
23 Ready to Ride
24 Elvis’ Movie Debut
25 Elvis’ Motorcycle
26 Hound Dog
27 Swinging Low
28 Acting Outdoors
29 Facing the Cameras
30 Elvis the Actor
31 At the Keyboard
32 Tuning Up for the Show
33 A Show for the Home Town
34 Taking It Easy Between Scenes
35 Elvis at 17
36 Chow Time on the Movie Set
37 Strumming for Fun
38 Elvis’ Escort
39 Lights, Camera, Action!
40 Serenade to a Pooch
41 Rockin’ on the Stage
42 Radio Broadcast
43 Recording Session
44 Elvis’ Special Shirt
45 Preparing to Go on Stage
46 America’s Top Singer
47 Clint and Cathy Reno
48 Farm Chores
49 New Member of the Family
50 Hard Work
51 Happy Homecoming
52 Porch Performance
53 “I Want an Honest Answer”
54 Heading for the Fair
55 Singing Up a Storm
56 Bad News
57 “I’m Going to Vance”
58 Rescue Ride
59 Clint’s Plan
60 “Don’t Try to Stop Me”
61 Fighting Mad
62 Two Against One
63 Setting the Trap
64 “Let Him Have It, Clint”
65 Clint Takes Aim
66 “Go Back to Vance”

Values and Population

If you’re looking to learn more about 1956 Elvis Presley card values and population, take a look at these references:

Key Cards

These are the 1956 Elvis Presley trading cards that you’ll want to focus on as an investor:

1 Go, Go, Go Elvis
2 Elvis Presley
11 Don’t Be Cruel
16 Vacation Fun
17 Studying the Script
19 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
57 “I’m Going to Vance”
60 “Don’t Try to Stop Me”
66 “Go Back to Vance”

If you really want something special, there are some sales samples out there that are pretty rare.


As always, look for key cards if possible. The sales samples would also be a great addition to a collection due to the rarity. Always try to get as high of a grading as possible. I would suggest NM-MT or better for this set.

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