1966 Superman Trading Cards (Topps)

The 1966 Superman trading cards were released by Topps. They were based on the Superman TV series from the 1950’s with George Reeves. Let’s dig into this interesting set that has a caused a bit of confusion among collectors of non-sports cards.

About the Cards

This Superman set consists of 66 cards. An uncut sheet includes two complete sets. I want to also note that poor centering is common with this set.

The front of each card features a black and white image taken from the television show. There is a white border and a caption with the title.

So why are the 1966 Superman trading cards a little confusing? There are multiple variations on the backs. Let’s star off by looking at the differences of the first 44 cards:

  • Orange back with “Watch Superman on TV” on the bottom. The copyright info is on the right side.
  • Orange back with the copyright information on the bottom (no mention of the TV show).
  • Proof back: no orange color

Cards 45 through 66 of the 1966 Superman trading cards are puzzle-backs. They make up two separate puzzles:

  • Cards 45 to 56 make up a cartoon of Superman
  • Cards #57 to 66 show George Reeves

1966 Superman Wax Packs

This set is really the king of variations. Not only did the backs of the Superman cards have variations, but so did the wax packs.

The 1966 Superman trading cards were sold in five cent wax packs. There was no gum. However, there have been a few known cases of wrappers that made mention that the packs included gum. These are extremely rare and would make a great collectible investment.

Card Values

So what are these cards worth? This is a nice alternative to the more expensive 1940’s Gum Inc Superman set and will cost you much less.

You can get your hands on ungraded orange-backs and puzzle-backs for around $5 to $10 each. You can get a set for about $500. The first and last card of the set will go for more.

The white-backs (or proofs) will be highly speculative and may bid extremely high due to the rarity. I couldn’t even tell you how much they would go for because they are so incredibly rare.

So how about professionally graded cards? Here’s a quick look at the commons.

  • PSA 7 (NM) – $10-25
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT) – $15-50
  • PSA 9 (Mint) – $35-65
  • PSA 10 (GEM Mint) – Approximately $200

Also to note, the first and last card are worth significantly more because they tend to be less common in good condition.

1966 Superman Trading Cards Checklist

Here is a list of the 1966 Superman trading cards. You will find the number and title of each card.

  1. Krypton Is Doomed
  2. Destination Earth
  3. Superman’s Parents
  4. Ace Reporter
  5. Superman
  6. A Job For Superman
  7. The Man Of Steel
  8. Superman’s Strength
  9. Metropolis Hero
  10. The Threat
  11. Plotting Lois Death
  12. Lois In Trouble
  13. Lois Is Kidnapped
  14. Jimmy And Clark
  15. He’s Been Shot
  16. Clark Gets A Lead
  17. No False Moves Kent
  18. You’re Finished Kent
  19. Superman In Action
  20. Futile Fight
  21. Superman’s Warning
  22. The Backfire
  23. Crushing Blow
  24. Seeing With X-Ray Eyes
  25. Saved By Superman
  26. Safe At Last
  27. Superman’s Peril
  28. Jimmy, Superman, Perry
  29. Great Caesars Ghost
  30. Bullets Bounce Off Him
  31. In The Nick Of Time
  32. Superman & The Savages
  33. Superman Leaps In
  34. Superman To The Rescue
  35. Superman’s Problem
  36. The Challenge
  37. The Pirates Decision
  38. It’s Superman
  39. Helping Hand
  40. Superman & The Cavemen
  41. Facing The Death Ray
  42. Superman’s Wedding
  43. Happy Ending
  44. Reporter Clark Kent
  45. Super Safecracker
  46. Interviewing The Chief
  47. Superman’s Pet
  48. At The Police Station
  49. Capturing The Crooks
  50. The Alien Arrives
  51. Superman Gets His Man
  52. Jor-El On Krypton
  53. Jimmy Behind Bars
  54. Help Me Superman
  55. Lois Threatened
  56. Superman’s Search
  57. Pa Kent Finds Superboy
  58. Held As A Hostage
  59. Rocket From Krypton
  60. Flight Over Metropolis
  61. The Kryptonite Ray
  62. Superman As A Baby
  63. Ruler Of Krypton
  64. Superman’s Father
  65. Visitor From Space
  66. Harmless Blow

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If you’re interested in buying, selling or trading 1966 Superman trading cards, visit eBay. They are commonly bought and sold there.

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