1918 Buffalo Nickel Value

1918 was an interesting year for the Buffalo Nickel. Yes, we have our normal coins, but there was a major error with some of the coins minted in Delaware, which we’re going to talk about shortly. In this article, we are going to explore that error, the coin itself, mint marks, and of course the actual values of the coin itself. Are you ready? Great! Let’s jump right into the 1918/7-D coin.

1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel

The country was stretched pretty thin with the concerns of war rising. This resulted in many people enlisting and weren’t available for their normal jobs. This also affected the Philadelphia Mint. With people on overload to make sure the job got done, an error was made with the 1917 and 1918 die during the crossover period.

Now wait a minute. Doesn’t the “D” mean Denver? Yes it does. The die was sent to Denver, where the coins were actually produced.

It wouldn’t be until 1931 before anyone noticed this. Because the coins had been in circulation for approximately thirteen years, there aren’t any coins over MS65 graded by PCGS. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. Could you have one and not know it?

Mint Marks

These coins were produced in Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (“D” mint mark), and San Francisco (“S” mint mark).

Let’s Learn About the 1918 Buffalo Nickel Value

If you’re able to get your hands on a 1918/7-D buffalo nickel overdate, you’ll probably pay a pretty penny (or should I say nickel) for it. You could also pay quite a bit for a high quality 1918-S PCGS graded Buffalo Nickel. Let’s dig right into the 1918 buffalo nickel values, shall we?

Recommendations for Collectors

Get your hands on any 1918/7-D overdate you can. Obviously the higher the grade, the better, but it will add up VERY quick.

Entry Collector

This might be on the high end, but I don’t normally like recommended something less than MS60 to anyone. But if you can bump yourself to about $100 a coin, you can get yourself a 1918 MS60. This is a real 1918 buffalo nickel value.

Otherwise, if you are just looking for a cheap buffalo nickel, you can get one for under a few bucks if it’s not graded. However if you buy an ungraded coin, make sure you are comfortable on how to tell the condition of the coin by looking at it.

You don’t want to overpay for it because you didn’t know the condition of it. Make sure you read about the coin grading scale to give you a better understanding of what you should be looking for.

Normal Collector

When taking a look at the 1918 Buffalo Nickel value, I have a few recommendations, depending on how much you want to spend:

  • 1918 MS65 or MS66
  • 1918-D MS64
  • 1918-S MS63
  • 1918/7-D G4 to F12

I normally like to see people shoot for a MS64 or better, and almost never under MS60, but I would make an exception with the overdate coin. Get it if you can.

High End Collectors

Seriously? Do I really have to tell you? You want the 1918/7-D in the best condition you can find. This would be an amazing coin to add to your collection.

Do You Want the 1918 Buffalo Nickel in Your Collection?

You better believe it!

Take a look and see what you can find out there. The 1918 Buffalo Nickel value is high with the overdate, but definitely worth it!

You may also want to learn more about these coins. Take a look at the 1919 Buffalo Nickel.

Happy collecting!

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