1920 Buffalo Nickel Value

The 1920 Buffalo Nickel value has appreciated to as high as about $90,000 for a 1920-S MS66. If you have one that is in better condition, it could be worth quite a bit more, but none have been discovered yet.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the value and I’m also going to give you recommendations of which coins to look for, depending on what type of collector you are. But first, let’s start off with some by talking about mintage.

Mintage and Population

Here’s a look at mintage and population information on the 1920 Buffalo Nickel.

  • 1920 Philadelphia Buffalo Nickel – No Mint Mark. Mintage of 63,093,000
  • 1920 Denver Buffalo Nickel – “D” Mint Mark. Mintage of 9,418,000
  • 1920 San Diego Buffalo Nickel – “S Mint Mark, Mintage of 9,689,000

What is the 1920 Buffalo Nickel Value?

So what’s the 1920 Buffalo Nickel worth? The 1920-D and 1920-S are worth significantly more due to the lower population and the fact that higher grades are tougher to come by.

Recommendations for Collectors

Let me lay out a few recommendations, based on how much you’re willing to spend. Other than the fact the the 1920-D or 1920-S have a scarcer variety of higher grades, there’s nothing out of the norm going on here. So as always, do your best to get the best coin you can find within your budget.

Low Budget Collector

There is really only one coin I’d suggest for the low budget collector. I like to see everyone collect uncirculated coins whenever possible, so take a look at the Philly MS60.

  • MS60 1920 Buffalo Nickel will run you around $50 to $60

Mid Range Collector

Here, I have a few choices for you, depending on what direction you want to go.

  • MS66 1920 Buffalo Nickel
  • MS63 1920-D Buffalo Nickel
  • MS63 1920-S Buffalo Nickel

High End Collector

Go for the best here. In fact, buy one of each here. That will make a nice set.

  • MS67 1920 Buffalo Nickel
  • MS66 1920-D Buffalo Nickel
  • MS66 1920-S Buffalo Nickel

What Do You Think?

So what do you think about the 1920 Buffalo Nickel? Is it something that you can see yourself adding to your collection? The 1920 Buffalo nickel value has a healthy range, so any collector can have one of these coins.

You may also want to read up more on Buffalo Nickels. Learn more about the 1919 or 1921 nickel.

Happy Collecting!

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