1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch Set

1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch Set
1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch Set

The 1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch set is an eight-card set that features The USS Enterprise, and seven of the characters from the original series (TOS) of Star Trek. Each of the eight Star Trek trading cards from the set was sketched by Gordon Currie (obviously). None of the caricatures are actually numbered. Each card is on white stock card. On the front of each card are the caricature, title of the card, and Gordon’s signature. The back of each card has the copyright info.

Who Was Gordon Currie?

Gordon Currie worked as an artist and columnist for multiple companies including the Los Angeles Mirror, the Hollywood Reporter, the Melbourne Age, the Motion Picture Herald, and the Sydney Morning Herald, just to name a few. He was also hired by the major movie production companies and studios to create studio art and do advertising. What he is most known for is his caricature work of many famous people including actors, performers, musicians, etc. He even did caricatures of many United States Presidents as well.

Gordon has created a variety of sketch sets throughout the years. The 1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch set is amongst these sets.

Gordon’s Star Trek Sketches

Here is a listing of the eight cards that Gordon sketched for the Star Trek set.

  • Enterprise
  • Spock
  • Capt. Kirk
  • Dr. McCoy
  • Chekov
  • Sulu
  • Janice Rand
  • Uhura

How Much Are 1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketches Worth?

This set is one to own more so for the cool factor, as opposed to having something that is highly valuable. An ungraded set is really only worth around $15 to $20. A MINT graded set is probably worth around $80 to $100 at the most.

I personally own this set, because it came out only a year after the infamous 1967 Star Trek trading cards set, and thought it would be fun to have. Not to mention, it didn’t really cost me much of anything to get my hands on a set.

Collector Recommendations

As I mentioned before, this isn’t a highly valuable set. If you’re a collector focused on increased values, don’t expect a huge return on this set. However, if you want to get your hands on a Star Trek set unlike any other, this is a really fun one to have for next to nothing.

For under $20 non-graded, or under $100 graded, the 1968 Gordon Currie Star Trek Sketch Set is worth adding to your collection.

You might also find yourself interested in the 1969 Star Trek trading card set.

Happy Trekking!

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