1913 Buffalo Nickel Value

Let’s talk about the 1913 Buffalo Nickel value, what types of coins were released this particular year, and other information that may be important if you are looking to invest, collect, sell, trade, or buy one of these Buffalo Nickels.

The value range can reach as high as $47,000.00, depending on the condition, type, etc. Let me give you a brief overview of the different variations of the coin and then we can get into the specifics of price.

Type 1 and Type 2?

The 1913 buffalo nickel value varies greatly, as this was the year it was first produced. Additionally, there were also two types released in 1913. Why? Well, on the reverse side, the buffalo stood on a mound. The date was printed on that mound. The problem with this was that the date was raised so much that it wore away very easily. As a result of this, they released a Type 2 coin that placed the date underneath the mound to ensure less wear. You can see an example of the Type 2 coin above. It would be like this until 1938.

Mint Marks

This coin was produced in three different locations. You can tell where it was made by looking at the coin’s mint marks.

  • Philadelphia – There is no mint mark.
  • Denver – “D” is the mint mark.
  • San Francisco – “S” is the mint mark.

1913 Buffalo Nickel Values

As many of you know, I prefer using PCGS graded coins above any other grading service. I find that coins graded with PCGS hold a better overall value. For that reason, let me share the current values of the 1913 buffalo nickels based on PCGS grading.

There are six different coins in 1913, so let’s dig right in, shall we?

What Now?

You now know everything you need to know from a price perspective. Consider learning more about the history of the buffalo nickel to see if this is a coin you would like to add to your collection. You may also want to learn about some other years such as the 1914 nickel or the 1937 nickel.

Happy Collecting!

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