1968 Superman in the Jungle (A&BC)

he 1968 Superman in the Jungle set was released by A&BC in the UK. However, prior to that, Topps provided a limited release test set. The US Topps cards are slightly larger than their sister cards in the UK. The set consists of 66 cards and a 16 piece puzzle designed by Norm Saunders.

In this article, I’ll provide you with card details, values, the checklist and more.

What Do the Cards Look Like?

The front of the cards feature a full colored image of Superman carrying out his adventures in the African jungles. You will find a white border around the image and the title in a black box.

1968 Superman in the Jungle cards had a green back with a jungle them outlining the title and main description. You’ll find the card’s number in the top corner. Also, some cards had a blank back.

1968 Superman Puzzle

There was also a 16 piece jigsaw puzzle that made up a picture of Superman fighting a lion.

Value of 1968 Superman in the Jungle

The value of 1968 Superman in the Jungle cards range, based on condition. However, a common ungraded card will typically go for around $3-7 a piece. The first and last card of the set will go for a little more. You can pick up an entire set for between $200-300.

Professionally graded cards will go for a little more:

  • PSA 7 (NM): $10-15
  • PSA 8 (NM-MT): $18-20
  • PSA 9 (Mint): $30-35

Again, the first and last card of the 1968 Superman in the Jungle set will go for a bit more.

The real value is in the test set released by Topps. This is an incredibly rare set. While no one could really predict how to price these, I would estimate a complete set to be worth around $10,000-15000. Single cards will probably go for around $225 to $300, while the puzzle pieces will go for a bit more.

1968 Superman in the Jungle Checklist

Here is a list of all sixty-six 1968 Superman in the Jungle cards.

  1. Assignment Africa
  2. Luthor Escapes
  3. A Job for Superman
  4. A Jungle Inferno
  5. Superman to the Rescue
  6. Snuffing Out the Flames
  7. Steel on Steel
  8. A Grateful People
  9. A Leopard Lurks
  10. The Leopard Leaps
  11. Luthor’s Laboratory
  12. The Ghastly Gorilla
  13. Jimmy in Jeopardy
  14. Rocking The Rhino
  15. The Perilous
  16. Fangs of Death
  17. Escape by X-ray
  18. Crisis in the Congo
  19. In the Nick of Time
  20. Jungle Ambush
  21. Blasting the Python
  22. The Evil Luthor Lurks
  23. The Lost City
  24. Kidnapping Congo Style
  25. Into the Lost City
  26. Jimmy on the Spot
  27. Before Mighty Kryptonia
  28. A Blade in the Back
  29. Head on Collision
  30. The Sinister Plotters
  31. Surprise! Surprise!
  32. Useless Attack
  33. Demolishing the Sun
  34. Zoruk the Terrible
  35. Round One
  36. Kyrptonite Kayo
  37. The Unconscious Superman
  38. Luthor Triumphant
  39. Powerless Before Kryptonia
  40. Superman Nears Death
  41. Miraculous Madness
  42. Superman Unchained
  43. Lois Poses Puzzle
  44. One down One to Go
  45. Luthor’s Last Trick
  46. The Awesome Android
  47. Stunned Superman
  48. Prehistoric Peril
  49. Out of Harms Way
  50. A Trap is Sprung
  51. An Awesome Apparition
  52. The Dragon Disappears
  53. Duel of Titans
  54. Superman Strikes
  55. And New Attack
  56. Clouted by Kryptonius
  57. The Chilling Climax
  58. And Now – Attack
  59. Snatched from the Sky
  60. The Secret is Spilled
  61. Victory at Last
  62. Verdict for a Villain
  63. A Final Vow
  64. Taking Precautions
  65. A Puzzling Mystery
  66. The Astonishing Answer

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