Ultimate Disney Trading Cards List

It’s no surprise that there have been a ton of Disney trading cards throughout the years. Walt Disney started something amazing in the 1920s and today, his creative mind lives on in a way that is larger than life, itself.

Disney trading cards are an excellent sub-collection to Disneyana.

Here is a compilation of all the major Disney card sets out there. Keep in mind that there are many more sets, but I’m focused on the trading card sets that seem to attract collectors.

  • 1930 Pinocchio Circus Performers – D64
  • 1930′s Walt Disney Comics – R161 (Actually released in 1934)
  • 1932 J.L. Tiedemanns Walt Disney Card Series – Pa Den Ode O – 51 Bilder
  • 1935 Mickey Mouse (Gum Inc)
  • 1935 Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars (Gum Inc)
  • 1935 O-Pee-Chee Mickey Mouse
  • 1937 Mickey Mouse Adventures – D52
  • 1956 Walt Disney Cartooning Card
  • 1956 Topps Davy Crockett Green
  • 1957 Barratt & Co. LTD. Walt Disney Characters
  • 1957 Topps Goofy Series Post Cards
  • 1958 Topps Zorro
  • 1965 Disneyland (Donruss)
  • 1977 Disney Health and Safety
  • 1979 Topps The Black Hole
  • 1989 Brooke Bond Foods Magical World of Disney
  • 1995 Skybox Disneyland 40 Years of Adventure
  • 2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1

Where to Buy Disney Trading Cards

Ebay is a great place to find what you need. Also, I have several trading cards from Disney sets as well. Let me know what you need and I’ll let you know if I have it. These cards are certainly a nice addition to any collection.

Also be sure to take a look at Mars Attacks or CCGs if you’re interested in Disney trading cards.

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